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  1. ya spiderman is going through a reboot, different actors and director. was never really my favorite marvel character, but i thought the first two films were great.


    i thought the tmnt animated film was horrible. there were aliens and april was a ninja - blah. the 2nd and 3rd matrix movies also blew.

  2. anyone watch this show? one of the blond girls talks about veggie hot dogs "are amaaaazing" hehe and also soy sausages and organic apples, it's cute. i must say it looked just another football show with high school drama, but, well, that's basically what it is actually - but more it really is an amazing show - me likes. just sucks i started to watch now, gatta watch the entire series from the beginning to catch up - err



  3. ok i'm a little drunk, forgive me lol


    but i'm gonna post this before i forget. what ingredient, or anything really, can you use to keep potato and flour together when boiling? wanted to make Polish Kopytka (aka potato dumplings) where you mix potatoes, flour, eggs and cut the pieces then boil. unfortunately the pieces started coming apart in the water and were hard to take out and fry afterwards. we used corn starch as an egg replacement but it didn't turn out well. i still ate them, and were yummy, but weren't the best


    any recommendations?

  4. Man those numbers are fucked, sorry but that's just the truth.7

    Apo quota is just a "new" measurement that's used over here.

    Dietary cholesterol does not normally effect your cholesterol levels since the body has a negative feedback system, some diabetics are exceptions.

    Your HDL is really low but you should seriously watch you TG and LDL levels. Start excersising, eat a lot of soluble fiber and seriously limit your intake of refined foods.


    exercise? pft screw that - what else you got? lol i do a little but i must admit, not the same as i used to. i guess not having a stroke is good motivation to do a little more though


    on another note. i searched up acidic foods because of my urine acidity. damn - i'm shocked.


    lentils, blueberries, prunes, quinoa, rice, almond milk, cashews, walnuts, tea, cocoa, etc... are acidic? how so many good foods can be acidic has be confused.

  5. That's a faily high TC, did you check your triglycerides also? If they were high I would cut refined carbs. I have a lot of vegan friends who are very suprised when they get their cholesterol levels checked because they've always heard a vegan diet is "free from cholesterol" and very good for blood lipids. But they live on cupcakes, cookies and various soy meats. Cutting refined carbs has always worked for my friends TG levels and often it lowers their LDL too.

    Do you know your HDL-LDL ratio or Apo quota?


    triglycerides were 1.77 - not good either

    hdl is 0.94

    ldl 3.39

    radio 5.5

    what's apo?


    i think it was dr oz that said even if you're not eating cholesterol you can still get high cholesterol when you're carrying extra body fat - while it did shock me a little, i wasn't too surprised really i don't eat too much of the fake meats, but i will confess to bread overload lol i'm polish what can i say hehe


    exercise would help tons, but honestly, i'm been slacking lol

  6. some things are ok, some not so much.


    my b12 is decent - 310, up from 209 two years ago, but still down from 473 three years ago. i started taking a b complex so i'm sure that's one reason it's up.


    vitamin d is 41 which should be between 75-250. i'm starting with 2000 iu so hopefully i can get that up. i've read some interesting things about vitamin d i didn't know before and it's frightening to be deficient.


    my cholesterol shocked me. 5.13 - 4.26 two years ago, and 3.81 three years ago - not going well eh? heh


    what made me laugh is when she said "your urine is a little acidic - you're eating too much meat" - fail

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