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  1. i literally laughed out loud lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxLDsnp8aa4
  2. i'm sure we all know this tool hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOfkTNQJ1x4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uPgdagR58o
  3. the chef that cooked for oprah during her vegan days. this video makes me drool. probably one of the best produced cooking videos i've ever seen
  4. dude why are you posting pictures of your face on my body???? lol
  5. yup. disappointing. contract thing i guess. he works for the show, show makes shitty product, you're forced to plug it i guess heh
  6. on dr oz he brought out soy milk and veggie burgers, so yay. i'm just waiting for the diet recommendations he brings out on the biggest loser
  7. LOL i just don't understand kfc sometimes haha http://www.geekologie.com/2009/08/chicken_buns_kfcs_new_wtf_sand.php http://consumerist.com/5342699/kfc-has-a-bacon-sandwich-that-uses-fried-chicken-as-bread
  8. +193 (over the span of a few weeks, forgot about this thread) 47,368
  9. that interview says he went vegetarian not vegan. i assume he'll still eat eggs and other animal products. but still, better than nothing that is super cool though. wonder what he'll be promoting on the show now.
  10. fake. at least i'm hoping. people can't be that stupid ... can they?
  11. hahaha that's wicked. never knew arm wrestling was pro, though i'm not surprised really. quite cool that it has a vegan face to it also i wonder if phycologically you mind fuck your opponent getting them to think you're a "typical weak vegan" ... then ..... BLAM...... "you lose bitch"
  12. i've had about 20 super tiny spiders on the ceiling one time, centipede, rare times ants, wasps, hell even a snail (without the shell) got in once. i free them all lol seriously
  13. nm, asked my mom for help haha didn't use the protein powder though, wanted to see if we could actually make good pudding first, next time some powder
  14. quite simple thank you. do you use cocoa powder? or do you use a chocolate soy milk and chocolate protein powder? i may try this later what's "cook it like you would make regular pudding"? how high temperature and how long? i've never cooked regular pudding before
  15. i'd have to agree with this. Big Country Nelson has experience against some really tough guys and even held a title in IFL. though Wes Sims has more experience, i don't think his most recent opponents have been the caliber of Big Country's. it sounds like it could be an interesting season. i just hope that with all the big mouths in the house, this season doesn't turn into another junie browning show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgaU61maH60 kiiiimboooooooooo .... we'll see what happens lol i predict he loses his first fight:)
  16. Fedor vs. Brock for Greatest Fighter Of All Time agreed
  17. one of my favorite parkour videos of all time heh this one's crazy too, an 11 year old girl. damn. haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnJLGPdyt6k
  18. so where is Fedor going now since Affliction is done? ufc maybe? come on heh
  19. ya that docu is amazing. high on my list of recommendations
  20. they're basically a staple of polish eating, but since going veg we never really made them. partly because my mom always made them, and stuff we used to eat went right out the window when i changed my diet. finally bought the fake ground beef and a cabbage, and went at it. we made it with Yves Meatless Ground Beef, portobello mushroom and brown rice. the cabbage isn't that sturdy though, tends to fall apart quite easily, but the regular green cabbages were quite small so we had to go with this one (forget the name), but still dudes, i almost died from how amazing they are lol i ate some peta bread, with a tofu spread and roasted red pepper just now so i don't eat all the cabbage rolls, need to keep them around longer than two days hehe http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2541/3720546059_d396f92a5a.jpg
  21. Goodbye Mac. He's lost 3 out of the 4 matches he's had for UFC (not counting the TUF ones) After this, it seems unlikely that he'll be fighting int he UFC again anytime soon. I wonder how long his contract was for. He was impressive on TUF. Wonder what happened. ....
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