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  1. Sorry guys, I haven't been on this board for well over a year. Life got in the way of training, etc... Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with football training? (American football that is) I'm asking for my son. He's been playing football since 5th grade, and he's a great player on both sides of the ball. So now he's in High School, sophomore year, and he's seriously the smallest guy suited up. So, his talent gets overlooked by the simple fact that his 120 lbs is always outmatched by an opposing player of 190 + lbs. I'm sure this wont come as a shock to anyone here, but he's also the only vegan on his team. And it's difficult to find anyone in the area who understands training for football AND a vegan lifestyle. The constant locker room banter regarding his food choices is one thing. But the fact that the trainer (nice guy really) simply thinks he just needs to eat some meat makes it even harder. Now that the season is almost over, he really wants to come back to the team this summer with something to show them all. Remember, he's in high school. So we have to find a way to work in an eating schedule that fits in with school. The trainer will let him store some food and protein in his office, but again, he's not going to be able to take in bulking calories every 2-3 hours. The other problem is he also trains in MMA which includes intensive kickboxing. So there's a lot of cardio work going on. Great for conditioning, but I fear he's burning off whatever he takes in. If there's anyone out there that has any experience in this area it would be appreciated. I could really just use some nutritional advice for someone with his schedule at his age. And we need help with a realistic goal. I don't want him thinking he's going to put on 50 lbs of mass by July. But with a 15 year old's metabolism, I don't really know what that realistic goal is. Thanks
  2. It's really just a bastardized version of "Might Is Right." Parts of it are borderline plagiarism, but I don't suppose either author should care if they take themselves seriously. I don't subscribe to the tenants of "selfishness" that are in the book(s) myself. It's not really all about "me", even if I want it to be. Responsibility for your actions and the pursuit of knowledge do not require an inflated ego. I'm a Buddhist (or an atheist with allot of rituals if you like) and the foundation of my belief system is grounded in personal responsibility, the laws of cause and affect, and the constant pursuit of knowledge. Without ego.
  3. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair has probably done more to influence me than any other book. Not only my diet, but my attitude towards social injustice. For animals and humans as well. Other books that have inspired me: Hardcore Zen - Brad Warner Sit Down and Shut Up - Brad warner Awakening the Buddha Within - Lama Surya Das (that's the short list, I read all the time, but I didn't want to fill up the board with me, me, me...)
  4. No, we're a band from Seattle actually (though I live in New Jersey now). Funny though, because when I was a little kid I lived in Los gatos, went to kindergarten and 1st grade there.
  5. Yeah, I'm a moderator in the News section. Gato Bastardo. There's so much information on this page, it's hard to know where to start. I'm digging it.
  6. I haven't been training as hard as I used to, but I'm getting back on track. I also haven't been a vegan for very long, I gave up meat of all varieties last year, but just recently decided to go vegan. I'm here for tips on training while maintaining a healthy and socially conscience diet. Outside of fitness and and vegan living, I'm also a practicing Buddhist and the front man for the psychobilly band Los Gatos Locos. Peace and nice to meet you all.
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