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  1. you guys are great [for the most part] but I've gone back to eating meat and my hair loss has stopped. just know I respect all vegans completely so shame posts about me not being vegan isn't going to help any issue. Thanks everyone.
  2. I want to applaud you, but losing a lb a day and that much in such a short of time is never good. http://www.livestrong.com/article/385093-the-side-effects-of-losing-weight-too-quickly/ just google it, "side effects of losing weight too fast "
  3. DUDE, your legs!! righteous!!! do you bike at all?
  4. in all honesty, just throw those jeans away, stop trying to fit into them again and learn to accept your body as it is, its beautiful!
  5. incredible and inspiring! p.s. there WAS no "belly" before, for real? lots body dysmorphia running around these parts. I wish people saw how amazing they look & not find the flaws first, I am victim of doing this all the time too! keep rockin it.
  6. thank you Robert! biking biking and more biking, that's basically all I do!
  7. http://www.mybodygallery.com/img/18444/2.jpg quads are growing!
  8. i think people that constantly post their intake, workouts, etc DAILY are obsessive...and not the good kind.
  9. just make your own! buy bobs red mill gluten and make it, recipe is on the bag. its so easy and you can make it with as much soy sauce as you want.
  10. fat??............... go watch biggest loser [first episode] then get back to me if you think YOU are fat.
  11. thanks dylan! I use to be completely obsessive over NOT eating processed shite like that, but since i started its hard to stop. I make my own seitan as well, I just need to stop eating for the taste, ya know? eat whats BETTER. time to jump on the healthier side of the bandwagon again! ^_^
  12. man, I consume a lot of fiber like most of you all..but I've been consuming Gardein products [it sucks, they taste wonderful and I am addicted], for dinner mostly and I think it's contributing to that swollen belly look. someone help me decide which protein is better and not so highly processed! :/ I love my tempeh for lunch, its perfect.
  13. ouch! I notice I've been getting too much fiber lately [its mainly from the source of carbs I eat] any idea as to what carbs are WAY easier on the stomach, and not so fiberous? I eat too much beans :/ leads to major bloating, cramps, gas, uncomfortable, and all around feeling "fat" [but not in actuality]. :/ its so uncomfortable, my stomach can expand seriously 3 inches in a course of a day.
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