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  1. you guys are great [for the most part] but I've gone back to eating meat and my hair loss has stopped. just know I respect all vegans completely so shame posts about me not being vegan isn't going to help any issue. Thanks everyone.

  2. thanks dylan!

    I use to be completely obsessive over NOT eating processed shite like that, but since i started its hard to stop.


    I make my own seitan as well, I just need to stop eating for the taste, ya know?

    eat whats BETTER.


    time to jump on the healthier side of the bandwagon again!


  3. man, I consume a lot of fiber like most of you all..but I've been consuming Gardein products [it sucks, they taste wonderful and I am addicted], for dinner mostly and I think it's contributing to that swollen belly look.


    someone help me decide which protein is better and not so highly processed! :/

    I love my tempeh for lunch, its perfect.

  4. ouch! I notice I've been getting too much fiber lately [its mainly from the source of carbs I eat] any idea as to what carbs are WAY easier on the stomach, and not so fiberous? I eat too much beans :/

    leads to major bloating, cramps, gas, uncomfortable, and all around feeling "fat" [but not in actuality].


    :/ its so uncomfortable, my stomach can expand seriously 3 inches in a course of a day.

  5. What are your restrictions, can you not do ANY exercise for a month?

    hi carrie :]

    as of right now, pretty much nothing.



    I will do core/arms as soon as my rib heals, it hurts to lift/press anything

    legs will be awhile.


    :/ I can hobble, that's about it. MAYBE I can lift with my right arm but I'd rather wait and do both at the same time.

  6. "If you need a week off from the gym take it. Every 8-10 weeks I take a complete week off and usually I don't do cardio. If I did a growth scheme workout last then I'll probably do light cardio the week I take off. But taking a complete week off is necessary if you train hard. It is a mental and physical break that everyone needs."



    well, I am on about a MONTH of an "off day/week" because of the bicycle accident, I don't want to lose muscle mass, but at the same time I dont want to gain unnecessary fat.


    hm hm.


    I'm going to be trying to do a "low carb" thing, but its interesting. the lower carb the lower calories and I dont want to go TOO low.


    people who have taken weeks off due to injuries, what did you do different?



    finding a balance is always a challenge, here is an awesome website i found:


    "It's also important to note that during injury your body needs energy from food to heal. In fact, your calorie needs and resting metabolic rate increases during injury because your body knows it must turn its attention to helping you heal."




    also, what are some awesome protein sources WITHOUT added carbs or fat?

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