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  1. dates blend in a vitamix just fine for me


    i was going to suggest that over the molasses idea.


    medjool dates > other glucose sources


    they are enough by themselves for an hour of weightlifting.. biking might be more of a complex carb+simple carb combination though. so dont forget to add pancakes or something.



    I eat bobs red mill 8 grain cereal, 2 dates, 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries, redstar yeast, 1 cup unsweetened soymilk, 1-2 dried apricot, & either 1 or 1/2 banana before the rides.


    I eat dates along the ride [only 2-3], but sometimes I think my intake during the ride isnt enough [i only started riding in august], every 30 min i eat something, 1 gel, next 30 min, 1 luna bar. Oh also i use Hammer's fizz tabs in my water. I think I just need more riding experience to build up endurance.


    hmm :/

  2. Thanks Ellie.

    I don't eat eggs either, but I see veganism as "ethical eating" and not a list of what you can and can't eat.

    I know many vegans who would shudder at the thought of eating eggs from "pet" chickens, but then purchase many unethically produced foods from the supermarket, which exploit people in the third world, or damage the environment etc

    I think people need to think about what veganism means to them.

    You don't award someone the title "vegan", that's just more of that "holier than thou" crap which some vegans like to spurt and which makes ALL carnivores HATE vegans and NEVER helped spread our message either!

    This guy is living in harmony with his environment and isn't exploiting animals!! He is an ethical eater and so a "vegan" in my book.

    I could, afterall, argue that any vegan out there who is a pet owner, is ALSO exploiting animals..I dont see much difference really. Both species receive positive benefits from the relationship.

    Some of you need to see the larger picture


    i know this is an old thread, but amazing points you have Ruz! I dig them.

  3. Yeah it's only when I'm resting that I get cold, obviously not when working out


    Yeah, if I could work out all day long, I actually would. It's such a rush. Instead, I built a standing desk so that I never sit down at work and since I work from home, I can switch things up a lot and move around. It's late at night when my body is winding down that I begin to feel a chill. I've learned to take particular heed of that. There's a cut-off when I'm past the point of no return and it's time to go to bed. If I push it, bad things happen.


    One time, I was camping in Yellowstone in late September and stayed up way too late talking with some fun people at the campsite next to mine. While we were around their fire, I felt fine. But once I headed back to my frozen sleeping bag at 1 in the morning, I was too cold to warm myself up. I lost the feeling in my lower legs and had to crawl into my truck cab to save my feet. The overnight temperature was 25 degrees. That was before I learned about warming packs. Now, I only camp at hotels.


    Baby Herc


    yikes!! I wouldve invested in a thermal sleeping bag man.


    and thats awesome about the standing office

  4. a higher metabolic rate can also help keep you warm. Movement too like playing sports outside in the winter, you actually generate heat and sweat.


    The trick is that the fitter you become athletically, the lower your resting heart rate becomes. That's when you feel cold. The upside is that the colder you run basally, the hotter you can run when you are operating at peak performance. Your body literally burns like a hotter furnace, churning out more power. You gotta eat smart to keep the fire stoked when you perform and you gotta keep yourself warm artificially (sweaters, warmer rooms, warmer climate) when you're not performing but it's a small price to pay for being awesome. I welcome it.


    Baby Herc



    Yeah it's only when I'm resting that I get cold, obviously not when working out

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