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  1. do you use a food scale? if so, what kind do you think is the best? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've heard from numerous people it's vegetarian though in US vs Canada
  3. http://vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=3835&catId=8 but I am confused, are they vegan or vegetarian??
  4. how strange!! have you noticed it's more foamy when protein is consumed with more fats? the human body is incredibly interesting.
  5. here's a question, my husband is a firm believer in having "foamy" urine. I did some googling & apparently this only means there is an excess of protein in the system. so now I'm curious, do you have "foamy" urine??
  6. no i have! i found some at trader joes and ordered some gnosis as well, thanks! oh and definitely got some cacao nibs, finally! for my smoothies
  7. I certainly wouldn't recommend overdoing chocolate. Be vegan the healthy way first, then allow rare treats and not loads of it.
  8. I don't know why I cant find them! Does trader joes carry them? Man, I wish! My local natural foods store, New Seasons Market, carries them in bulk, which is cool because then I can buy only a handful at a time and not break the bank. I've seen them on Amazon.com. That place carries everything from pet food to nuclear weapons now. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=raw+cocoa+nibs&x=0&y=0 Baby Herc. well yeah the internet holds everything you can imagine that you'd like to buy. what brand do you like best?
  9. I don't know why I cant find them! Does trader joes carry them?
  10. I need a quick chocolate fix every now and then without loads of sugar added, are these available in the states?! http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/attachments/003/press_release_distribution_0032050_1373.jpg & now i am extremely intrigued with these http://www.gnosischocolate.com/ anyone tried it?? or what kind of vegan chocolate do you guys like??
  11. DANG, 32 fat?! yowza. Try adding nuts, seeds, or even oils for fats, and AVOCADO! don't neglect the avocado. you NEED fat to stay slim and to be able to even function correctly. and 47 protein? get more with red star nutritional yeast, hemp protein, tofu, legumes, tempeh. it is SO much easier than you think to consume food, sounds like you might have some eating issues as well. be well! we're all here to help
  12. thanks!! I am tricky, I don't mind doing the more protein less carbs, although i don't want to get into that habit and effect my performance because i am into cycling, so I need more carbs for that. confusing! I know. :/
  13. Hm, Yea. I am trying the hot cereal tomorrow sans the blueberries at least. turns out also, that my "tablespoon" I've been measuring my fat with was under on an actual measuring of a tablespoon, so I haven't been getting enough fat. eek, which is probably why I am still rumbly tummy right after eating. I would love to see your intake on a daily basis, like what's in the shake and what bar? I try not to eat too many processed things, especially bars & shakes, I am not against them, just haven't really tried them as a staple of food. & yay for Ezekiel bread! where do you get that pasta?
  14. my opinion? you definitely are not eating enough for how active you are, and especially a growing teenager. Add some whole wheat bread maybe to your salad, or add more legumes.
  15. so live strong.com says I need 275g if I am 115 lbs [almost there!], & active. but the high carbs are making me a bit ravenous, its awful. not only that but I experience glycemic symptoms like whoa after my breakfast [6 grain hot cereal, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, red star yeast, soy milk, chia seeds] I should probably cut that banana out. Its hard to get that protein intake I am finding without the carbs [i eat plenty of legumes], so I suppose I need to work on more tofu for protein. it just seems if I cut down on carbs my calorie intake decreases too much. ARG--still trying to find a true balance, I swear I'll find it one day.
  16. brendan braziers books have leg exercises that are a bit less traditional and geared towards fitness and tie in with cycling. rich roll has some stuff online too. carbs before, protein afterwards, for the most part. even if you think its different than say doing squats, cycling or any exercise still breaks down the muscle and you need that protein for recovery. robert cheekes book was very helpful to me in terms of the nutrition. i use that and brendan braziers books to experiment with food for lean muscle and recovery ideas. so weird, I JUST literally checked out Brendan's book from the library, woohoo!
  17. yeah if you look at any of the pros or really advanced cyclists, they have huge legs, sometimes not in girth but they are cut. lots of cycling will do that, especially with hills and sprints. i do triathlon normally. last year i did vineman (ironman). i injured my back in that race so i'm almost ready to start running again and was hoping to do a 60-100k in 2012. most ultra runs are only $100 or so...same price as a marathon so might as well do a crazy long race. you? mad props yo! that's seriously awesome. how did you injure your back? I haven't done anything too serious yet, just started cycling a couple of months ago. most mileage i've done at once is 29 miles. my husband is going to train me on some hills soon. It gets confusing too, going from weight lifting, where they push MORE PROTEIN!!! to cycling, where its all about carbs. i'm trying to level things out. making sure I don't OVERDO carbs, pre and post cycling. anywho, I just wanted more strength in the legs, my mind is like KEEP GOING DAMNIT! but my body and legs are sometimes wanting to give up. not to mention I was underweight not too long ago, so I am just now getting use to a real healthy body
  18. Interesting! I meant more along the lines of building muscle and endurance to keep going, but I guess that really comes with training, eating. I've seen bikers with tiny leg muscles yet still able to perform long distance rides. Thanks for your input! What type of rides do you do?
  19. what are the best leg workouts for cyclists? squats, lunges?
  20. hey man, I swear by it, everything in moderation.
  21. "Craving sugar? It usually means that you haven’t been getting enough protein. Try spreading 1 tbsp of peanut butter on half an apple to crush the craving! - The Hot Plate" interesting! anyone else think this is true?
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