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  1. http://haveuheard.net/2011/09/olivia-wilde-quit-vegan-diet-divorce/



    "House MD actress Olivia Wilde is proud of her healthy lifestyle which includes frequent exercise and an organic food diet that was once vegan. However, she abandone her vegan diet following her divorce from filmmaker Tao Ruspoli.


    Wilde told Cosmopolitan magazine that she began to eat animal products again because it helped her cope with the stress. She explained, “I actually really like healthy food. I was hardcore vegan for years. When everything in my life became a little hectic, going through the divorce and everything afterward, I was like, ‘I need some goddamn cheese.’ And so I had some cheese.”


    Ruspoli and Wilde ended their marriage this February. The former couple had been married since 2003."


    how long was she vegan for i wonder?

  2. doug graham is not a real doctor and nobody should follow any nutritional advice he gives. He is a chiropractor and he doesn't know a damn thing about what people should or shouldn't be eating. Most of what he says is just dangerous and people need to stop promoting that quack.



    agreed, the body cannot sustain on just fruit alone, sorry that's just my belief. there's no protein+fat to hold onto.

  3. Hey everyone just wondering if any of you have experienced some vegan discrimination when it comes to body building and sports?


    I have recently experienced it and I can say I am a bit heartbroken but know its only going to make me stronger!


    Here is an email I recently sent to Robert via Facebook...let me know if anyone can feel my pain! Thanks Everyone!


    Just wanted to tell you that I love love love your book. You have inspired me to compete in NPC fitness bikini contests and modelling. I have made so much progress from your book and Braziers - Thrive book. I have hit some snags along the way but am looking forward to showing people that being vegan isn't a limitation. I feel I actually have an edge above other competitors. I have recently applied to be apart of a national fitness and training team for fitness competitions. Even without looking at my photos they read that I was a vegan and based upon diet solely determined that I was not eligible for the team. In fact the coordinator said that "Unfortunately a vegan diet will not be able to produce the types of bodies that our girls have" (Bikini Competition Models). Yes, it has hurt my feelings greatly mostly because I really can't fight her opinions of vegan bikini competitors at the moment. However, I am looking forward to proving her wrong! I have decided that I do not need to be apart of this team to compete. I plan on doing things my way (our way!) and achieving success on my own terms. To be honest I don't think I want to even be apart of a team who discriminates or thinks less of the abilities of the vegan community. Anyways sorry for rambling! I just wanted to say thanks for your book! and thanks for empowering me and so many other vegan athletes!


    wow, the nerve! that's ridiculous they said that to you :[

  4. but, it seems to be more fat than muscle.

    I splurged like crazy on my honeymoon with my weight gain still in mind [trust me I needed it].

    it seemed to have gone to my hips, and lower belly mostly [not to mention breasts, hey, no complaints here!]


    what steps to take now?


    more weight lifting?

    more cardio?

    I don't want to lose any weight, just tone up really.


    Thanks everyone in advance

  5. Thanks!


    I did have a question on carbs. I make sure that I'm getting around 1 gram of protein per my body weight, and I'm usually around the 123 to 130 grams per day range, but I'm constantly hearing different opinions on carbs, mostly from non-vegan bodybuilding sites who are recommending no more than 40% of my calories come from carbs. What's the vegan stance on this? Obviously by carbs I mean whole foods like lentils, beans, grains, fruit, ect... and not processed crap (:

    At this point, you just need to eat, eat, and eat. Don't worry now about eating too many carbs or too much anything.




  6. I'd suggest either a high-potency D2, or one of the new vegan D3 supplements that are coming on the market shortly. As someone who has recently been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency recently, I now know how important it is to make sure you get what you need. Let's just say that the depression, aches, and slow skin healing from cuts and scrapes was no fun, I'm just glad that testing helped figure out why my body felt like it was falling apart!


    Some people just don't get enough D from their regular diet and sunshine alone, unfortunately, I'm one of those people. Even taking a multi-vitamin every few days didn't do it, so now I get to go on a mega-dose of D for the next 6 months to try and keep things balanced out (50,000iu tablet once per week, that's a LOT of D!) Took a few weeks to see things improve, but I'm finally feeling back to normal again. Wouldn't want anyone to go through feeling as crappy as I did from all this!


    what kind of pill did you take? i mean what was it called, manufacturer?

  7. Friday i have a big ride, to me at least, 30 miles [very leisure though, its a huge bike party ride, TONS of people]


    i've done 15 miles, not a big problem except my crotch was sore like bad [that was the only reason why i couldnt go any longer, and i was a tad tired not EXTREMELY]. Before that ride i had a vega shake, quinoa, apple+almond butter, some nuts [which sounds like a lot eh?]


    the ride is at night [8 or 9pm], so what do you all recommend i eat the day of? I heard someone say carbs the day BEFORE are great.


    I bought some figs, I have some complete whole food Vega too. when should I consume both?


    any input? thanks!


    [cross posted to veganvelo]

  8. I do take a multi, and an update...I got my blood results back and everything is normal. crazy!


    and my protein levels were off the charts, over the normal! :0

    I usually eat my vitamin c with nuts, pistacios or brazil nuts.

  9. so my new job, had me sampling sugary sweets [i know, ugh!] & while I was fine afterwards, I woke up in the middle of the night REALLY hot, and stomach pangs like crazy, they hurt!


    I know for sure it was the processed added sugar, this is all the more reason I am tempting to cut out my soy delicious treat after dinner because it just does no good. [only on certain occasions of course]


    just wanted to hear if this has happened to anyone else.

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