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  1. so, why are so many people against soy or soy milk? I've heard loads of comments on it but still don't know who or what to believe. -.-
  2. also, glad I am reintroducing lentils [sprouted myself!] into my diet! funny how something inside me a couple of weeks ago told me to EAT LENTILS! my body knows best http://www.livestrong.com/article/275339-zinc-rich-foods-for-vegetarians/
  3. definitely have not been pregnant or given birth, ever. [yet hehe]
  4. nothing in particular really. the thing is, this forum everyone has extremely low fat intakes, which I cannot really live by. maybe to "cut", but I am not looking for intense cutting or competitions. another thing is, if I set "myplate" to 114 lbs, moderate activity [waiting tables, on feet for majority of the day] I recommends the fat intake to be 67, even THAT to me though sounds too high. 60 sounds perfect. & you're right, 1845 calories probably isn't enough intake right now. I'll try and up it without freaking or worrying too much about that number looking too high. thanks for your input
  5. I assume the flaxseed oil is best? Over avocado. But I've heard the seeds themselves are best over the oil ( also earth balance almond butter I use has omega 3 In it)
  6. Oh and yes, I have pretty bad memory and concentration too (ADHD sure doesnt help though)
  7. 1:4 meaning? How much flaxseed do you use? Thanks so much for your input on all my entries btw
  8. I take a womans multi vitamin as well as a B12 vitamin [on top of the red star]. i've been lacking Omega 3 MAJORLY in my diet [probably was previously getting none], until this week I've been adding it. it's hard to tell what it is, ive heard TOO much soy can contribute? hmph. I cant wait to figure out what the hell is causing it though.
  9. UGH I've even been upping my fat intake lately because I thought that was the cause of it, but my hair is still falling out. its getting pretty ridiculous. I lift weights just about daily, sometimes do belly dancing, yoga on sundays, walk at least 2 miles and if not more just running errands, besides all that, I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I am not really STARVING, but moreso I could definitely eat. there's sometimes even a weird tickle in my throat, does anyone else experience this? almost right after eating or 30 min after. I am almost always in the kitchen preparing foods, for myself and husband. [which i dont mind! it's fun] thanks everyone! has my metabolism been revved up or what? here's my intake for today: http://i54.tinypic.com/vio08w.png http://i56.tinypic.com/aewqch.png yes that's my weekly icecream treat on the bottom ;] I again dont know my weight, but this is basing it off of 113 lbs, 5'5', 27 female, light activity. p.s. I know being an athlete can cause menstruation to stop, and mine has. I havent gotten it since February? so CLEARLY my fat is too low?
  10. I'd love to see what you eat out of curiosity
  11. WHOA, that's insanely low. how in the world?
  12. thanks! just normal weight lifting! good video!
  13. Yeah getting sodium isn't usually a problem for me, thanks for the input!!
  14. as bodybuilders, how much sodium is appropriate? I find that usually mine is under 2000, 1046 today, is that too little? I know we need it everyday, just wanted to make sure mine wasn't under [MyPlate recommends 2185 mg??]
  15. so I've been eating a LOT more than usual, and am so happy with my arm results. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpdhg0gWWH1qawvueo1_500.jpg been vegan for about 5 months now? been pesca-vegetarian for probably 6 or so years. it's been a hard bumpy confusing path, but I am definitely finding the RIGHT kinds of foods to eat through trial and error. it's a challenge, but nothing in life is impossible! If there is a will, there is a way. I also wanted to thank everyone on this forum, all the information has been extremely informative & I am continually thankful I've found this website. 27/f 5'5" not sure of my weight, scales can go to hell
  16. what's wrong with pistachios? as long as theyre in moderation, they are good for ya. you look marvelous! keep it up
  17. I've noticed if I dont include beans in my diet, this happens. MORE BEANS TO THE RESCUE! kidney, lentil, garbanzo, pinto.
  18. I need help guys.. 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup unsweetened soymilk, and a nectarine won't hold me over. [usually I add my red star, but I ran out recently] What should I add to this to keep me lasting on the job at LEAST until lunch or even later. Thanks!
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