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  1. I cannot do low fat, way too many side effects. 50-60 grams daily I do.
  2. I know, I'm not looking to lose weight thanks
  3. Actually I think it's the lack of fat with the fruit!
  4. the question is, how much do you intake daily? preferably females to answer
  5. ohh really?? eek good to know, thanks! I only use Aunt Pennys
  6. I think it's SO weird when I can go "over" my carb, protein, etc but still be under on my calorie intake, judging by what Myplate says. does this happen to anyone else? do calories matter more than the protein, carb, fat levels?
  7. because I am full of questions... do you drain your canned beans? me personally, I love the liquid it sits in, although I still drain it almost completely, it's still yummy.
  8. Does it make you wake hungry? does fruit give you a weird tickle in your throat? do you eat it alone or with something else?
  9. thanks! i take red star nutritional suppliment + womens multi vitamin. we'll see :/ i use carmex too
  10. oh interesting, i couldnt last like that, unless i totally revamped my foods
  11. i've done that before when I'm on a tortilla kick, but with some kind of beans and hummus
  12. Anyone else notice that vegans in general can eat a LOT more, quantity wise, then omnivores?
  13. mmhm, thanks! but what do you mean don't eat fruit AFTER other foods? what?
  14. typically i eat at 930 11:15 or 11:30 1:30 3:45 5:30 or 6 8:30 it varies of course, but I'd love to hear when yall eat. what's your fav snack? fav meal?
  15. Any free yoga classes in the Bay Area of CA?
  16. I actually hate mangos, iiiiiiiick! prob the only fruit i dislike greatly.
  17. I swear enough, i guess apparently not! off to buy more beans today!
  18. ARG theyre driving me insane. I've read that it could be a b-12 deficiency, but I eat plenty of it. Fortified soymilks/veg burgers [i know theyre bad, loaded with sodium etc], multi vitamin, and take red star nutritional suppliment. Any other reason or cause for this? it's pretty aggravating and painful. its pretty much like a papercut on the corner of your mouth. Thanks for any input!
  19. i shouldve said something to take care of the awful "teacher flab" lol, the underarm area.
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