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  1. I have a protein drink ( NitroFusion Vanilla ) @ night before sleep ... I add blueberries & 1/2 banana along with a teaspoon of Vega EFA oil ... The sugar in the fruit does not seem to bother Me ... I will also have fruit as snack later in the evening ... But, I do enjoy fruit as opposed to nuts or other fats, carbs ... ... ...


    Actually I think it's the lack of fat with the fruit!

  2. ARG theyre driving me insane. I've read that it could be a b-12 deficiency, but I eat plenty of it. Fortified soymilks/veg burgers [i know theyre bad, loaded with sodium etc], multi vitamin, and take red star nutritional suppliment.


    Any other reason or cause for this?

    it's pretty aggravating and painful.

    its pretty much like a papercut on the corner of your mouth.


    Thanks for any input!

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