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  1. any pointers or ideas? 27/f looking to gain a little muscle mass & lift weights
  2. Natural sugars, mostly, how many grams do you all typically intake?
  3. I love fruit too! but the sugar in it effects me sometimes :/ we shall see also I forgot to mention i am 5'5'
  4. yup yup. http://i55.tinypic.com/wiwp68.png this is all for IF i was 111 lbs, sedentary. but i am not even 105 yet, i am underweight. arg. i dont even work out really, i do walk everyday, light weight lifting with arms, crunches, side leg lifts...nothing heavy. so i wouldnt mind adding more peanut butter lol its yummy, but is it too much fat? i heard i should focus on carbs moreso than protein to gain as clearly i am getting enough protein. thoughts, opinions? I also try to limit my sugar intake, even from natural fruits which is probably a dumb notion.
  5. Any tips would be awesome I am not looking to bulk up heavily, but definitely add some mass, especially since I want to cycle with my husband soon. here's what I've been on. tips? opinions? http://i54.tinypic.com/2lswcx2.png
  6. Hi! 27/f I've been vegetarian for awhile, now fully vegan. I need lots of pointers and tips on gaining muscle the healthy way, as I'd like to start cycling eventually. I obviously don't want to be gaining fat like anyone else. I know my calorie intake has been 1700-1800 lately, I know I need to kick it up but need help figuring out the best meals. Also, work outs! I like to take it easy, so walking/yoga/weight lifting is a yes. Cycling will come soon Looking for friends here! feel free to IM me on AIM.
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