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  1. yup yup.



    this is all for IF i was 111 lbs, sedentary.

    but i am not even 105 yet, i am underweight.




    i dont even work out really, i do walk everyday, light weight lifting with arms, crunches, side leg lifts...nothing heavy.


    so i wouldnt mind adding more peanut butter lol its yummy, but is it too much fat? i heard i should focus on carbs moreso than protein to gain as clearly i am getting enough protein.

    thoughts, opinions? I also try to limit my sugar intake, even from natural fruits which is probably a dumb notion.

  2. Quick note: The contest is July 9 in San Jose...if I do it. My thighs suck monkeys rear end, so I am still on a fence, but training hard.


    Diet: Until two weeks ago, I LIVED for carbs...I love organic frozen fries, nuked until soggy and then the cheeses added for last 45 seconds! w/ melted Daiya vegan cheese and organic ketchup! (you asked what I ate). I ran 35 - 50 minimum miles a week up until Nov 2009 and quit as my insides would have ended up on the sidewalk, switched to the stairmill almost daily (about 45 minutes all skewed up)--and I would lift, every two or three weeks just so I cold look defined. Ha! I LOVE vegan taquitos and w/ work and trvel--lately by choice I have been microwaving "Amy's bowl w/ Teriyakai---see, more carbs!


    I have been gluten free for almost two years, and its because at flippin almost 50, I have old lady stomach , or IBS--and I have for 20 plus years, so too many grains and too many veggies will kill me--ergo the dalliance w/ egg whites as of late. BUT, with this blessed competition as a goal, I have been re introducing more vegan meat analogues ( like seitan- but PACKED w/ gluten)--I am not a big fan of too much soy---all the soy estrogens. I can't eat nuts because of my stomach and intestines, but I do eat nut butters and typically I have Organic Brown rice cakes w/ Organic peanut butter as a standard. Prior to my mission of re inventing my thighs, I wasn't as concerned and typicaly would eat a small package of Lucys gluten free cookies and wash it down w/ a kombucha and supplement it w/ a Luna Bar, and even then, it has to be vegan and I check all ingredients for gluten free. I actually need corrective surgery and just don't feel like taking teh time out of my day to have my stomach fixed..and truthfully, I would rather have nicer thighs ad my priorities are somewhat skewed---to the outside world.


    enough of me...pis are in progress section, but these were today , June 13 , 2011-- at night, I have eaten, just got back fom gym 20 mins earlier...and see, my thighs SUCK. Go ahead and rip it..i can only improve!


    More of YOU, --what is your diet?


    Now, the high carb thing was a way of a life till just a week or so ago..I know I have to eat more protein, but I am always at risk for a bad stomach ache and they are episodic--so its usually potatoes or corn tortillas ( I can't do corn at all) and some brown Texmati Organic brown rice. If I am on the road, I usually grab a salad at a Whole Foods Market and I drink a TON of Kombucha ( google it)


    I am not a good eater at all.. however, I eat good foods....but not often enough and kind of like a python---all at once!!


    pics attached



    wow you look FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Hi!



    I've been vegetarian for awhile, now fully vegan.


    I need lots of pointers and tips on gaining muscle the healthy way, as I'd like to start cycling eventually. I obviously don't want to be gaining fat like anyone else.


    I know my calorie intake has been 1700-1800 lately, I know I need to kick it up but need help figuring out the best meals.


    Also, work outs!

    I like to take it easy, so walking/yoga/weight lifting is a yes.

    Cycling will come soon


    Looking for friends here!

    feel free to IM me on AIM.

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