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  1. some other pics of my back and so on. http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/v1.jpg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/v2.jpg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/rip.jpg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/leg.jpg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/biz.jpg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/start.jpg
  2. ACTUAL (A fun shooting with a friend): http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/0423.JPG http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/0472.JPG http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/0493.JPG http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/0515.JPG http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/0589.JPG
  3. In soy yoghurt there are some vegan probiotics. Especially alpro soya yofu, if you can get his. http://www.nutraceutical.com/search/view_product.cfm?product_index=3263055 http://store.natren.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=N&Product_Code=20250&Category_Code= If you search in google for "acidophilus vegan" or "vegan probiotics" you get some results.
  4. the cheese on the pizza is called "Hefeschmelz" (yeast enamel? LOL don't know the word in english) you're all welcome to lunch
  5. If you put rice and sesame seeds together, it would be one of the best amino profiles. I think nuts are fine but pay attention for the fats. And potatoes are also fine but they haven't much protein.
  6. Hey, i'm interested in pictures from vegan meals all over the world. Here are some vegan meals from germany spaghetti bolognese http://img-a3.ak.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-dd1077057f759723.jpg soy balls http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-13f961761e02f318.jpg bodybuilders food: whole-grain rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, viana steak (30g protein) and 80g cutted sausage (from lupines) http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-e333860ad7aa5143.jpg fairtrade milk rice from italia made with 50/50 coco nut milk and soy milk with some cherrys. http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-e2257c7c1674e81a.jpg potatoes, green beans and whole-grain burgers with soy yoghurt sauce http://img-a3.ak.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-e2257c7c1674e81a.jpg rice, tomatoes, gherkin, corn http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-d558b25c62570102.jpg selfmade soynuggets bread with sesame http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-f80308b38cc871c8.jpg pizza vegan salami http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-38c8c15e720a963f.jpg hot dog http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-ba4a6b027ce88936.jpg fried potatoes with fake scrambled eggs (made of tofu) http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-32602aa61b373814.jpg protein vegan cheese cake (cake base made of oats, filling silken tofu and corn starch and some other things) http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-96f77707c10c7402.jpg vanilla semolina(??) pudding http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-1c5ba2274230af43.jpg vegan cake (Schwärzwälder-Kirsch-Torte) http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-076eb6a20aa14d64.jpg vegan cheese pizza http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-cd20569286b06ecf.jpg onion cake with potatoe topping http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-e92ad1fa6e935bbe.jpg pencake with whipped soy cream http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-52da5ca65dd1d2a6.jpg salad with soy-yoghurt dressing, vegan gyros, toast with herbs http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-c049e0d33e7f3a4d.jpg basmati rice, falafel, pepper http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-a75988d2f8bae6f1.jpg evening meal: tofu + raw vegetables http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-2f9cb99f6f3fd770.jpg baguettes http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-f3bcbcf1365a7dfb.jpg rice noodles, tofu, vegetables in coconut-curry-sauce http://img-a3.pe.imagevz.net/forum1/45/fe/f255960a5db4d30cb57fce65849c/1-12745cd08363ce22.jpg
  7. every morning the same breakfast only with variating fruits. 100g oats 20g raisins 10g flax seed 10g dehulled hemp seeds 10g soy flour (fat reduced) 100g fruits (apples, bananas, strawberry, raspberry, differs every day) 250ml alpro soy milk 200ml of multivitamine juice 820kcal, 120g carbs, 20g fat, 40g protein. this breakfast helped me to get bigger then i'm eating (black wild) rice (14g/100g protein), potatoes, wholemeal noodles, foods rich in protein (soy products, beans, nuts, lupines, vegetables). my last meal is a salad with high protein soy texturate (64g/100g proteins and only 0,5g fats and 1g carbs). some of my meals you can see here: viewtopic.php?t=9237
  8. OHKi


    soy flakes in musli rocks
  9. I'm selling the organic food bars in/from germany. But for high protein there is only one sort. the ofb vegan got 13g protein per serving. the protein bar 24g. http://www.organicfoodbar.de/html/vegan.htm http://www.organicfoodbar.de/html/protein.htm And i'm working to get clif bars
  10. At the beginning I was eating and eating, training and training I tried some training types, PITT, HITT and so on. Now I'm training with Doggcrap. 3-4 times a week I'm eating 3400kcal-3800kcal a day. 140-160g proteins 450-500g carbos 80-90g fat Until summer '08 I will reach 90-92kg and reduce fat, I hope I got it!
  11. at the german guys! how do you think about the following products? lupine protein maca tribulus terrestris and fatburners?
  12. I got brown rice protein from UK. It has a neutral taste and mixed with soy choc I can't taste it anymore. the amino acid profile seems to differ from nutribiotic rice protein. soy+rice mixed 60/40 amino acids /100g Glutamin acid 18,3 Asparagin acid 10,4 Arginin 8,2 Leucin 8,2 Lysin 5,1 Serin 5,0 Phenylalanin 5,3 Prolin 5,1 Isoleucin 4,7 Valin 5,4 Glycin 4,2 Alanin 4,8 Tyrosin 4,4 Threonin 3,7 Histidin 2,4 Tryptophan 1,3 Methionin 2,0 Cystein 2,2 brown rice protein pure amino acids /100g gutamin acid 17,2 Asparagin acid 8,6 Arginin 9,2 Leucin 8,3 Lysin 3,4 Serin 4,8 Phenylalanin 5,5 Prolin 5,0 Isoleucin 4,4 Valin 6,0 Glycin 4,3 Alanin 5,4 Tyrosin 5,4 Threonin 3,7 Histidin 2,1 Tryptophan 1,2 Methionin 3,2 Cystein 2,4
  13. Hello, I'm training for about 5 years now and since 4 1/2 i'm vegan. Started with a weight of 63kg (~138lbs) and now ~88kg (194lbs). height 180/182cm http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/anfang.jpg 6 month hard work 67kg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/body1.jpg after 10-11month 71kg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/body3.jpg after ~25month 82kg http://www.veganfitness.de/bbpics/body4.jpg
  14. the shop is in the working process, but it goes on and on hemp protein is very expensive and difficult to import. 500g = 20-22€
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