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  1. Ok, so I've been vegan for 6+ years and a raw foodie for almost 2. I eat about a 95% raw diet and feel terrific!! I starting my weight lifting program about a month ago (with the goal of eventually competing -figure). I understand that protein intake is imperative in order to build muscle. Right after my workout I have a protein shake (vega with raw almond mylk). Or a "high-protein" green smoothie - leafy green of some sort, Spriulina and/or hemp seeds, banana (maybe) and almond mylk. I'll try to include seitan or tempeh in my diet however, I really don't want to. I've been SOOO much healthier on the raw food diet; having eliminated my fybromylagia, allergies, acid reflux and few other ailments. I'm really afraid of eating too much cooked food. I also have no idea how to count calories on a raw food diet. As that's the beauty of it. There's really no need. Any other Raw vegan Body builders out there? Please help... I know there's a way to build muscle on a raw food diet - right? Where there's a will...
  2. Ok, so my goal is to compete in fitness competitions. It seems as though some of the women (who compete) do cardio? However, I read that just as many don't and I read in a lot of these posts that doing cardio burns muscle. How does cardio burn muscle if the diet is right? And wouldn't cardio strengthen leg muscle? I still have some fat to burn, shouldn't I do some cardio? Isn't cardio a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle? I'm still very much a novice so this really confuses me
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    ah yep, I did mean figure... clearly I'm a newbie...
  4. Congratulations! You look awesome! you're an incredible motivation for me! I'm raw/vegan and getting ready to start a program. I've had just had knee surgery and been told that high-impact stuff is out for me and that I should get into weight lifting. So I've decided to "go-big" and my long-term goal will be to compete. But I have to start somewhere... Keep up the RAWsome! Work!!!
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    Hi! I've been vegan for a while now (at least 6yrs) and raw for 1 1/2 now. I've always been active (yoga mostly, aerobics, walking). But need to "amp" up my fitness. After a recent knee surgery I've been told that high-impact exercise is out for me and to focus on biking, yoga, swimming etc... The doc also said I should seriously consider weight-lifting. I now have a new goal & challenge (which I love) - Fitness competition! So I'm hoping to gain some knowledge since I'm totally new to it. My reasons for doing it: New fitness challenge, better health, and yes, to prove too some folks that you CAN build on a raw vegan diet... Looking forward to hanging out at the forum! Bridget
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