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  1. My trainer has me working out throughout different kinds of his phases. One month he has me doing the Heavy phase (lifting heavy weights) the next month is a transition/maintence month were I do higher reps but with some intensity, then the next month is back to heavy weight lifting. I'm a female trying to add muscle bulkyness on me. His philosophy is that our bodies will come to a point where it burns out and needs some recovery period. Like a blender, after using it so much it burns out. Do you guys do this? Or do you just work out heavy for months? Am I wasting time?
  2. you should deffinitly check out the "811 Gladiators" thread on 30bananasaday.com I'm a 21 year old female in body scultping training and doing almost 100% 811. Sometimes 90/5/5... I'm gaining some muscle...triceps looking bigger, biceps good, i can flex legs now BUT I've been seeing some weight gain around my waist which is really putting me off....I did increase my calories from regular cooked vegan 2,000 to raw high fruit 2,500-3,000, and drinking almost 3 liters of water. So...I dont know what's happening with my weight gain in my stomach. Some people say your weight will fluctuate at first on 811, but I think it's too many calories for my little self. I'm 5'2 and weight 115 with some lean muscle on me. It could also be water weight? Anyway, that's my progress so far on 811 lol. I am getting stronger lifting heavy weights 8-10 reps. I'm still going strong on fruit...but the past week I've been adding SunWarrior protein some days. Just 1 serving.
  3. There is Erin Moubray, and Raw Fitness Goddess on facebook.
  4. What is the difference between bodybuilding and bodyscultping? Do you train more with body building?? I saw on youtube videos of bodybuilding.com of ladies being interviewed and they seem to be doing the same routine as I am, but they are calling it bodybuilding. They are not taking steroids, just protein supps and glutamine and vitamins. They have a lot of muscle but don't look huge. What's the difference guys?? thanks Glad to be back here on the forum.
  5. Thanks everyone! sorry for the late reply. UPDATE::: I'm not doing body building lol....misunderstood my trainer I'm just doing body scultping. I'm still going strong with it! But over summer I did shy away a bit from the weights....but now I'm back! picture updates soon.
  6. thanks you guys!! If any guy tells me that it'll just be more motivation!
  7. Pazios: My trainer knows I am mainly wanting to bulk up my legs. He is having me do squats and deadlifts. I am enjoying the routines and he switches it up every month. I am just looking for other people's advice on how to bulk up legs as there are different ways people have achived this. Just looking for more options for myself. I should increase the protein a little more. Thanks guys!
  8. Here I began a bodybuilding routine with a trainer around the same time I began high raw and high fruit diet. I am about 3 months into bodybuilding. I am 5'2'' and weight 110 I take in about 2,100 calories about 40-60 grams protein How could I add more muscle to my legs? How can I ahieve them to get bulky through muscle?
  9. When you say you eat less, is it because you get full fast? I struggle with that. I feel I am forcing my body to do alllll this digestion. You went raw? Are you doing a fruit lifestyle?
  10. The only times I have fallen behind on my work outs was when I got drunk twice. It really sucks! Hate feeling weak and falling 1 or 2 reps behind. I am trying to not drink at all for a long while. Besides that, I have been told at the gym I am doing great, using heavy weights, and adding nice shape to my body. I feel great! My number of reps and sets either stay leveled or they go up. But I never fall short if I stay healthy. I am 5'2'' and weight 110 I take in about 2,100 calories My questions are...how much protein should I be consuming for bodybuilding? I feel that Spirulina has been helping me a lot in getting definition and staying "cool/fresh" inside my body. Does anyone have any good 'superfoods' or whatever that has helped you a lot in your training? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! I will be posting pics soon
  11. I ended up pressing the "enter" button by accident.. My workouts are going great so far and I have not fallen behind on reps except for the 2 times
  12. Hey everyone! My name is Ally and I am 21 years old. I have been high vegan for a little over than half a year. I should've written this down huh! I was too caught up I guess in learning about nutrition haha. I have began the high raw food lifestyle about 3-4 months ago. I am currently doing almost 100% 80 10 10 (fruitarian lifestyle ) and I started this about 2-3 months ago. The past few days I have been eating all fruit and leafy greens with spirulina, chia seeds, and hemp protein added in. If I feel my body craves meat I will have some free range organic chicken and wild fish...sort of how my ancient ancestors did, but I have gone without meat for a while now! I used to have small cravings for tuna once or twice a week but I have forgotten about it now! I have compassion for animals and the environment and all that good stuff but I'm going to get down to the point here. I am looking to gain muscle mass. I would like to stop being "skinny" and put on some nice thickness to my body. I am also in the process of achieving strong thick bulky legs. My legs seem to be getting tighter and tighter and stronger, but I am not really seeing "bulkyness". My arms are deffinitly getting some nice definition and nice biceps. Abs are getting tight with definition as well. It's just my legs that seem to be falling behind look-wise. All my muscles seem to be "growing" except for my legs! The one main part I am hoping to bulk up. So far my workouts are going great. I never fall behind...except for the 2 times
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