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  1. Hi Paige, I just found your training journal here. I've been doing the protein powder too. Way too much and after this week I'm going for more whole foods as well. Thanks for posting your food and workouts here. It'll be great to follow your progress. I'm going for my sixpack abs! Funny, at age 52, but what's age got to do with it? LOL! Karen
  2. Check out Ernestine Shepherd. She's in her 70's and going strong. I think she started body building in her 50's! Way to go on lifting weights. Nothing better for keeping a body strong!! Karen
  3. I'm pretty new to the vegan way of eating but I too am trying to incorporate more protein in. I just read "Thrive" by Brendan Brazier and he says the best sources are: leafy green vegetables, legumes, pseudograins (amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat) and seeds (especailly hemp). I've added hemp protein in my smoothies. I highly recommend this book. It gave me a better perspective on how my body can recover faster and get the best from the nutrition I'm putting in. I lift weights, road bike and run. My goal is to get to 15% body fat. Now at 20%. So got some fat to get off and LBM to increase. You probably have a good training plan in place. I was just watching a youtube on a guy who eats a raw vegan diet and he's focusing on his intensity more than heavy weights. I've hurt myself trying to go too heavy so I'll be focusing on the intensity from now on. Karen
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