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  1. i'm gonna start lifting weights tomorrow(and doing cardio too, possibly).. Before it i was planning on drinking a fruit smoothie with a hemp protein powder in it(i'm going after breakfast.. for breakfast i'm gonna eat cinnamon berry oatmeal(which has flaxseed in it).. After the workout I would eat lunch and for lunch I am having a mixed green salad with beans in it and a peanut butter sauce/dressing type thing on top. Does that sound good to eat before and after a workout?
  2. hello, so my name is Evan and I am 16. I've been vegan for about 5 months now and I lost a significant amount of weight. I also lost a decent amount of muscle mass. I changed my diet and i'm gaining weight back(quite easily) and I was wondering how long it would take for me to build the muscle that i lost and how long it will take to show progress? All help is appreciated. thank you!
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