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  1. I like his ideas and I think he's definitively a good advocate for a healthier eating. Most of his ideas work for me. I do eat starchy foods but also mix it up with legumes, some raw veggies, fruits and nuts,seeds, tofu. I am just hungry every 1-2 hours if I don't eat complex carbs. You guys should remember his advice is for a starch based Diet, and not starch only. As far as I saw he isn't saying you should eat only starch. His standard plan might be less compatible for somebody that has no muscles mass whatsoever. And wanna pack on some mass. Most people will probably need more Protein when training for muscles mass. I've tested this on myself. I couldn't gain much with 50g-60g protein. It's understandable everybody think they are right and I respect that. But I can't agree with many ideas that people call "the best". I am for once can't agree with raw only or fruitarians. Too much fiber from fruits or veggies makes my stomach unhappy. I can't really call eating only loads of bananas, mangoes and a few more fruits as balanced Diet. Or drinking mostly green or vegetable shakes etc... For me it's unbalanced almost as your typical western animal based Diet.
  2. I already eat these and much more(we don't seem to have here hemp seeds though). As I said my Diet pretty much balanced that's why it seems weird.
  3. I know that I do get a lot of fiber. I'd say even too much. I've been Vegan for a year now. I did build myself a balanced and junk free Diet. It does contain cooked and raw foods. I avoid eating fruits like one hour before and after a meal. But for the last couple weeks I've been feeling bloated. And like my stomach just gets irritated too much. I did a blood test lately. And it seems I am a bit on the lower end of hemoglobin and ferritin levels. Although I really don't like taking anything that was made in lab. I decided to take Iron supplement for couple months just to balance the Iron levels. Since I do eat lots of Vegan foods that are rich in Iron. I really thought my Iron levels should be ok. So it makes me wonder maybe all that fiber interfere with the Iron absorption. Also I try not to eat Iron rich foods with calcium rich foods. Not that it's always possible as as some Vegan foods have both. And I eat foods that have Vitamin C with Iron rich foods. I don't see how else I can get more Iron from my nutrition without taking it in a form of supplement. I am wondering if I am missing something?
  4. What's your WHY? Why do you workout? What's the result you wanna achieve? what will it give you once you achieved it? How will you know that you achieved your big goal? After you come up with answers for these questions. You should build yourself some smaller specific goals, that will support the big WHY.
  5. Just to add to what Richard and Robert said. Do you know the difference between perfection and excellence? Perfection = That is when nothing is good enough, it comes from lack of self appreciation. It strives for something that can never be achieved. And it takes every temporary stumble as negative. Excellence = That's when you understand that your true competition is only with yourself. That is when you learn to appreciate yourself for the things you do. And from that strong place strive to get even better. That is when you learn from the things that didn't work for you. That is when you are no longer see things that didn't work as failures. It's a bit commercial but I really like it how they put it in that video. And I think it says it all.
  6. Do it! and let it serve you as a daily reminder. That's what I teach the people I work with, and that's what I do for myself. My house is full of these written reminders in different strategic places. Many people find reasons why not. I say find enough reasons why YES. Many people get caught up in reading too much theoretical stuff. There is no need for so much theoretical stuff for taking consistent daily action.
  7. Processed or far from its natural form = JUNK. If a product has some nutrition in it doesn't mean it's healthy. clean tofu/soy can be ok to add to your plan. But I wouldn't eat it 3 times a day that's for sure. Balance it with some clean Whole foods.
  8. Hi and welcome again. Advices are pretty much useless without action. - Ask yourself what's your big Why that gonna help you follow thru this time. Even when challenges arise and even when usual daily excuses arise. - Make a true decision and commit to the outcome that you want. A true decision is when you cut any other possibility. - Remember that greatness is built by small daily action. Make it happen...
  9. Hi and Welcome, If you are looking for a study that will give you some absolute truth you won't find any. You can get info from different places but at the end the decision is yours. There isn't even such thing an absolute truth. There are so many studies that contradict each other. Science already came to the conclusion that all studies are affected by the beliefs of the researcher.
  10. The question that needs to be asked is whether you control your Diet or does it control you. Many people can't distinguish between a Diet choice and cult like behaviors.
  11. Two hours sounds more like making up for a lack of sleep than just enjoying a quick, post-workout refresher. Do you feel like you get a good night's sleep? Some people sleep in chunks like that instead of just once during the night, so it's all good. If you feel comfortable with it then it's working for you. Baby Herc I thought maybe I don't sleep well. But I sleep around 8-9 hours. On the other hand I am having a hard time with building my Business. Alos I think it's about time I do that B12 test as I don't take a supplement.
  12. I'm all good after the nap. But it's 1- 2 hour nap and cutting my day shorter.
  13. Lately I've been lifting heavier and I am getting super sleepy like 2-3 hours after a workout. I thought maybe the meal after the workout is too big. I am trying to break and eat even smaller meals. But I am not sure that's the issue. Today for example I just had to take a nap. When I was doing more cardio and low weight training this never happened. Also I sleep at least 8-9 hours. Maybe I am missing something in my nutrition?
  14. It doesn't look like I have a problem with Gluten. But I was actually thinking of trying it. Maybe it could help me burn that last fat I have to expose a six pack. Question is how do you get enough Calories/Protein. I already don't eat any junk food, not too much Tofu and I don't use Protein supplements. If I cut the Gluten aswell that's seems to narrow the stuff I can eat even more. Also it seems like it will take even more time for preparing the food.
  15. I actually tried many combinations including 80-10-10. I can say it didn't really help me build muscles or totally expose abs. It's only when I raised the amount of nuts and seeds I eat, and started to eat some Tofu. I was able to build at least some Muscles mass. Also too much Fruits and crazy amounts of fiber from raw veggies just wasn't so friendly for my stomach. I really don't understand how Frutarists do it. I am really not into body building, I am mostly doing endurance stuff. But I've been trying to build some muscle mass for the last 8 months. It shouldn't take me years to build that small amounts of muscles and expose six pack.
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