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  1. well we got the word. san francisco it is! we'll be there the first!!
  2. matt and i are going to need to take off on the 21st, so if anyone has plans to roll out from awhile, we could snag a ride, otherwise we'll catch a cab. this also opens up an extra night or two at the cabin for someone to go paid.
  3. please do. Remind me or send me an email when it gets closer
  4. for sure, robbie. my boy and i will be back in town from vegan vacation on the 26th and we might bring a friend of ours from australia. we could definitely grab a bite somewhere. good luck in that competition! it sounds like it has a ton of prizes!!
  5. i wanted to go to europe this year, but as it stands now, it looks like vv is going to be my big trip. i'm still recovering funds from the move down here from 2 months ago. that shit was expensive.
  6. mos def, homie. you should be there. it's amazing. it's the most calming exhilarating experience.
  7. well, it's got my name on it, how can it be bad?
  8. yeah. they make me nervous. like the 'sin city hostel'. just driving past it makes me scared. haha
  9. i would say about 50 a day, but then again i'm kind of frugal so you may want to consider bringing more. 50 will get you 2 meals and maybe a couple drinks. as far as refined sugar goes, i'm not positive. i do know that they seem pretty basic, so i wouldn't be surprised if they did use refined sugar. unfortunately the only time i really avoid sugar is when it's added afterward. i never put white sugar on or in things, but i have a habit of eating things that sometimes have it. but that's around the same time as vegan vacation, so make sure you don't come then. matt and i will be in portland.
  10. and yes, we live a mile or 2 off the strip.
  11. http://www.tripres.com/hotels/info.aspx?hotelID=5547&hotel=Artisan+Hotel it says it starts at like 83 but i think it can be cheaper. i have a friend who just stayed there for 59 but she's a frequent hotel-goer. i like drinking and shows. my boyfriend and i just saw a drag show for his birthday at the one and only gay bar on the strip. it was a hoot. we'll show you a good time for sure though. it'll be a relief to have an open-minded vegan in our little city.
  12. incredibly inspiring. i can't wait for my building's fitness center to be built. your body is amazing
  13. awesome! as far as best times to go, summer is not one of them. it's going to be scorching and travel prices are super high as well. the cheapest time to go is actually during winter, but fall isn't too bad either. if you need any advice on places to stay when booking your trip, i can tell you about the coolest and cheapest hotels. and if you come on weekdays it's about half the price. there's this really cool hotel that i'm looking into staying at myself called the artisan. it's only about 59 dollars per weeknight and it's a really beautiful hotel. and it's just off the strip. let me know what i can do to help. we can get some vegan donuts and raw food when you come down!
  14. haha, i know what you mean. i do love the vegan vacation crew and camaraderie. i'm glad to have been a part of it each year, and i don't plan on stopping any time soon. i've also gone to seattle's vegfest the last 5 years in a row. this year marked my fifth year of being vegan. kudos me.
  15. unique because i'm vegan but not so fit. it was nice seeing you too! your hair is so long!
  16. vegans in vegas. we need company. any other vegans in the city of sin this summer?
  17. matt and i are both kind of spoiled, so i think we're going to take one of the master bedrooms.
  18. oh man, i wanna see josh while he's here! come over and play nintendo 64 with me!
  19. i love stuff. matt hates that i love it so much
  20. well, i guess i do have more tendency to stay up late. it's soo much quieter at the gym. love it
  21. having only one job has totally just made me a sleeping owl. i sleep like 12 hours a day. then i'm awake from afternoon to midnight. what does that make me?
  22. one sweet lady. she can cook like nobody's business. honestly an inspiring woman.
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