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  1. I am WAY late to respond to this post, but I LOVE it, especially the "open beer part!"
  2. Hey RorschachSoy, Well, today I tried Vega, the sport edition, vanilla flavor, sample pack and I did mix that with my liquid egg whites (they cost me a lot of money so I am going to finish them) and I did not like it, no offense, it just was not for me. It tasted chalky and there was no sweetness to it. Tomorrow I am going to try the chocolate version. Do you think when I am thru with my egg whites that I should just use the protein powder and soy milk? Thanks!
  3. Hi Fallen_Horse and Medman, Thank you both for your feedback. Ignorantly, I did not initially realize how fattening flax seed oil was/is. I don't want to add that kind of fat to my protein shakes. I think I would rather just use the protein shake by istelf. The only thing is I find most protein shakes do not taste good and the liquid egg whites really improve the taste. I will come up with something! Thanks again, Lauren
  4. Hey Ducan_Idaho, Thank you for responding. I want to keep the high protein content from the liquid egg whites. I also like that it is low in calories and fat. Thanks, Lauren
  5. Hey Everyone, I like mixing liquid egg whites with my protein shake, however now that I want to try and become Vegan, I know egg whites are a no go. So, does anyone have a good substitute for liquid egg whites? Would flax seed oil be as good or too fattening? Thanks so much! Lauren
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    Hi guys

    Hey Alex, I am new too! Nice to meet you. Good luck with being a Vegan I am working on becoming one as well! -Lauren
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    Hey Everyone! My name is Lauren and I have been into fitness for many years. I have literally JUST decided to become a vegetarian, however it was not difficult as I do not eat much meat. I chose this pursuit because I am a HUGE animal rights activist and refuse to to support companies that cause harm to them. I hope to learn a lot from this site, which I think I will! Thanks for reading my intro! Hope to meet you all soon -Lauren
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