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  1. Awesome shots bro keep it up!
  2. Perhaps the tab button gets stuck sometimes.. check it out
  3. Thank you for your reply. I asked the owner of the gym I frequent, he said I have a job once I get certified.. I'm going to go through with it. And wow liability insurance is crazy..
  4. That guy is awesome, I wish he was my dad. I'm doing the TM in Jersey in November it's all upper body/core strength good luck bro.
  5. Interested in the field and was wondering what is the best cost effective way to get your certification? A friend of mine told me acefitness.org is good.
  6. I'm doing the one in Jersey this coming Nov too.. good luck bro
  7. http://www.scoobysworkshop.com/ Best home workout side on the internet, watch the youtube videos.
  8. Motivation, motivation, motivation, how do you want to look a year from now? Think of it everyday, eat more and perhaps pickup Roberts book, it has helped me a lot. http://www.amazon.com/Vegan-Bodybuilding-Fitness-Robert-Cheeke/dp/0984391606
  9. Sweet thread, I have to try this. Almond milk would work just as fine right?
  10. Yeah a lot of chiro's are quacks, maybe you should consider going to a new one.
  11. I get crap all the time from my friends they think I'm, crazy, but I just ignore it and know that I am always going to be healthier than most of them. KEEP IT MOVING! lol
  12. Everyone expects to be spoon-fed on the internet. Read books and do your own research, it is not that difficult.
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