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  1. Thanks for the advice, I posted a comment/reply to you video to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNZssk_Izc8 What I said: For myself I would like to get leaner looking just to look better. So to sum it up: 1. Be patient and persistent 2. 1 gram protein for 1 lbs. of body weight 3. Lower carbs, not sure by how much or what’s a good amount? 4. Find current calories and reduce by what… 10-15%? 5. Weight training and high intensity cardio 6. Be patient and persistent Kenny
  2. I went Vegan for Ethical reasons many years ago, the health benefits were just a plus. What I’ve seen is that people will say all kinds of things and invent strange logic (that makes no sense) all to keep doing what they want to do (to kill and eat animals). Maybenot brought up the similarities to what abolitionist went through when trying to end slavery, I completely agree. Richie goes over these well in this video “To Those Against Veganism” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76IItr2Gtj4 Kenny
  3. Welcome I liked your story, Glad to hear you are Vegan again. Kudos to you for being here and for writing it. For me, the more I thought about the Ethical aspects of being Vegan the more and more disturbing meat became. Now it’s to the point that even the thought of something like a “Ham” disgust me as much as if it were a chunk of meat from a person, just completely repulsive. Kenny
  4. Hello Mariko, Ya… I have friends at work that give me crap about everything, they said… “You need to eat some meat Kenny” even if I stub my toe on something. Being vegan will have no real effect on being more prone to injuries, unless you are starving yourself or something like that. I took a Kinesiology class last fall. It's basically the study of sports injury, treatment, and prevention. I’d suggest you take a similar class. First you need to figure out what you are really hurting, then why/how, then treat it… and when it’s all healed up how to prevent it from happening again. Kenny
  5. This is grossly exaggerated, but ... I guess that person is correct in their logic, but forget that the same logic can be used to view the process of growing feed for livestock not to mention that many times more is needed. Also livestock feed is usually a GMO Monocrop from Monsanto.
  6. I find meat disturbing and repulsive, the thought of it makes me sick. I would be just as offended to see a chunk of Ham in my frig as I would to see a chunk of my neighbor’s leg. As for meat tasting good… I did like the taste of meat before I was vegan, but that was many years ago. About a year ago while on a road trip I got a bean burrito from a drive through. I took a bite right into a piece of meat, it was awful! super, super salty and nasty tasting, I was really pissed. My taste had changed so much since before I was vegan that it no longer tasted the same as I remember. The first time eating at Loving Hut the taste of the soy meats scared me, so I had to ask my wife (who is not vegan at all) is this real meat? She assures me it’s not and taste totally different, point being our taste just change over time. But… the lab grown meat is more gross than disturbing. A bunch of cells grown in a lab… Yuck!! No thanks. Kenny
  7. Welcome CAD! I've used the Garden of Life RAW Meal and I agree with MattSxvx, it taste awful. I really like Vega, it taste fine and mixes very smooth and easy. Kenny
  8. I don't think its "un-vegan" as well, but I'm not really into sports on TV... I find them totally boring. In the end my daughter took control of the TV during that time and watched Tangled.
  9. Bodybuilding is challenging for everybody. Kudos to you (and most people on this forum) for proving wrong the Myth that vegan are skinny and weak! Personally I think a vegan diet gives you an edge as long as it's a healthy diet, most of the other vegetarians/vegans I have met don't eat many vegetables mostly starches and vegan junk foods. Unfortunately most all the products used to increase Mass are not vegan, mostly Whey based. I guess in that sense it can be more challenging for us vegans. Kenny
  10. Wow, that’s Awesome I can have only wished that my parents were as enlighten as yours were to raise me vegan, but they were not. Unfortunately even today they still aren’t even able to make that ethical connection about me being vegan not to mention themselves. Kenny
  11. Hello lawsonsj, Nice to meet you. I was born Jewish but don’t really follow the religion. I enjoyed the culture, family, and the history of being Jewish growing up. I do consider myself to be Jewish, but I don't know any other Jewish people outside my own family. Kenny
  12. Wow… scary man, glad to hear that you found a way to overcome it and heal up. We live in a culture that if 1 is good and 2 is better... then 10 must great so let’s try 100. Kenny
  13. Mass majority of people with Asian lineage are lactose intolerance to some extent. All the more reason to be 100% vegan. Seriously … to post on a vegan forum that I couldn’t say no to a hot chick so I had to eat meat/dairy… sounds really bad.
  14. It's hard to tell all that in the picture, you just look a little too thin. How long did it take? Either way, I'm glad it's working good for you. Sometimes it's hard to find a routine that works for you, or at least it was for me. Kenny
  15. Wow! You looked fine to start with, but now... Very Sexy! What ever you are doing is working great. -Kenny
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