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  1. Thanks for the response. I am a couple of months into my plant based diet. I have discovered a new world of eating and cooking. I feel like a million dollars. I have lost about 15 lbs, although I have lost some strength. I have not taken blood pressure medicine in a month and when I checked it the other BP was 119/68.
  2. Greetings, I am new to the site and the vegan bodybuilding world. I decided to go vegan 2 weeks ago for heatlh purposes. I had concerns about losing muscle and strength. After 2 weeks I have great energy and deadlifted 455lbs during my last work out. I am currently 275lbs and only carry fat around my waist ( love handles, etc. ) I am Big and have been lifting for about eight years now. My question is about calorie intake on a vegan diet. It seems like I have to eat a lot of calories to get my protein requirmensts. I am supplimenting with rice/ pea protein. Tofu is out of the question....just can't do it. Should I continue to lose body fat on a vegan diet with a higher caloric intake than on a standard diet? thanks for any input.
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