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  1. "True Protein is proud to announce that we have developed and released two brand new Pre-Mix Protein formulas specially designed for our vegan and vegetarian customers! Getting your daily protein intake can be tough for many heavy lifters, but this is especially difficult for vegans and vegetarians with limited options in their restrictive diets. True Protein looks to help with the Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula and the Vegan Wholefoods Meal Replacement Formula: Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula Clean, great tasting, and best of all, completely vegan. The Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula has been specially designed to meet the growing needs of vegans and vegetarians looking for a complete protein powder to meet their daily protein requirements. Why pay outrageous retail prices for low-cost materials to meet your personal lifestyle? This rounded formula contains three of the highest-quality vegetable and grain-based protein powders available on the market: Gemma Pea Protein Isolate, Rice Protein Concentrate, and Hemp Protein. Each of these materials are non-GMO, and processed using the cold-water filtration method: 45% Gemma Pea Protein Isolate 45% Rice Protein Concentrate 10% Hemp Protein http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_D...id=31&pid=6976 Vegan Wholefoods Meal Replacement Formula Finding a quick, easy, but most importantly, complete meal replacement for the vegan and vegetarian can be difficult on the run, but not when you have the Vegan Wholefoods Meal Replacement Formula to help you out! By combining three of the highest-quality vegetable and grain-based protein powders with oats, psyllium fiber, and flax, True Protein has created a great tasting, great mixing meal replacement formula to meet your vegan lifestyle! For the best tasting, all-natural results, we recommend mixing with the Natural Premium Flavor systems. 48% Gemma Pea Protein 23% Rice Protein Concentrate 15% Hemp Protein 10% Swedish Oat Starch 2% Psyllium Seed Husk Fiber 2% Flax Seed Oil Powder http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_D...id=31&pid=6977" -CNIzz
  2. "In an ongoing effort to better serve our growing vegetarian and vegan customer base, True Protein is putting out a search for popular vegan and vegetarian health and nutrition bloggers to join us in creating new product reviews for many of our existing and upcoming products! Qualifying bloggers will receive free samples of our protein materials in exchange for their support online. We will also provide bloggers with a unique affiliate code that can be distributed to readers for discounts off of their future purchases, which will also reward affiliates with credit towards more free products or cash! If you currently own or operate a vegan or vegetarian health and nutrition blog, and are interested in receiving more information on this program, please contact us at [email protected], and we can get you started immediately!" -CNizz Pretty cool company if they're asking for our feedback
  3. Mold, in the case of sprouts, appears when the beans have not been properly rinsed and have been sitting in the same water too long. To avoid any bacterial growth you have rinse at least twice a day with good water and make sure whatever sprouting medium you are using has proper drainage. Fast growing sprouts are usually small seeds/beans/etc., like lentils and mung beans, are preferable to sprout because they won't be in contact with water and warm temperature too long compared to bigger seeds which take longer to sprout, so mold probably won't appear under normal conditions. And in terms of nutrition, they are all about the same, 3-7 grams of protein and ~30-80 calories per cup, so I just mix up the means sometimes. http://sproutpeople.org/sprouts.html http://www.living-foods.com/articles/sprouting.html http://nutritiondata.self.com/foods-sprouted+raw000000000000000000000.html?mbid=search_mz&q=sprouted+raw
  4. Basic advice, but advice nonetheless: Drinks lots of water, get a full nights sleep, and have fun.
  5. Very true, but you also have to realize (you probably already do) that most finished products receive a huge markup compared to the prices of its raw material. So while buying ready-made Seitan or Tofu is always a leisure, one must consider that those things can easily and cheaply be made at home. For example, 5 pounds of gluten can be bought for ~$25, which makes ALOT of seitan. The same probably could be applied to Tofu.
  6. Seitan is pretty good and cheap too. My tub of vital wheat gluten says there are 24 grams of protein per 1/4 cup of gluten
  7. There really should be a Quinoa protein, it is complete and has a lot of nutrients. Btw, is there a True Protein discount code from anyone on this forum? It'd be cool if we could promote this forum by using the same code for all orders
  8. Since this is the only relevant True Protein thread, I'd like to post that their Vitamin and Mineral Mix additive is not vegan. I was reading their FAQ while waiting for a recent order to arrive when I stumbled upon one topic stating that the mix may or may not be vegan/vegeterian friendly. I emailed True Protein and they confirmed it as true. Now I have 3 pounds of inedible protein on the way...
  9. Devilbat, have you tried buying that Hemp protein powder from Nutiva? I've bought it with EBT before.
  10. If it's the taste of eggs you're missing, try to find a product called "Kala Namak," or black salt, which is a healthy salt that has the distinct taste and smell of eggs. It's usually found in Indian or international markets.
  11. Maybe the nutrient could be Biotin, Choline, or Vitamin B12?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's all in the genes. All non-essential proteins can be metabolized from simple calories, maybe essential proteins can be made from complex calories aswell; an example could be a cow whose diet consists of a lot of grass, yet it's big and bulky. I assume the same can be applied a man whose DNA prioritizes protein synthesis from molecules outside of amino acids.
  13. I signed up to VBB (awesome site, btw) just to say that the sodium content is now down to 360mg per scoop(30g) for the Gemma Pea Protein; a 50/50 blend of the pea and rice proteins even lowers it to 183mg. I started looking at proteins a week back so I don't really know when the lower sodium content was put into effect, but hopefully it goes even lower. Here's a link to the product page: http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=22&pid=6816
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