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  1. Its not really an organization but I love EcoVeganGal. I have found her website and videos extremely informative. She really has a passion for veganism and animals.
  2. Tues workout 1-31 The last day of the January challenge Cardio 45 min on elliptical abs 3*15 crunches superset with reverse crunches plank for 30 sec 3 times and shoulders I love love love shoulder days!!
  3. Monday's workout was a light let workout since I work out with a trainer on wed. I need my legs to have recovered by then
  4. I think I forgot to post a workout this week Back and Bis cable row 3*12 40lbs wide grip pull down 3*12 40lbs bicep curl one arm alternating 3*12 12lbs hammer curls 3*12 12lbs back extensions 3*15
  5. I want to say how great it is seeing everyone keeping their journals up to date this whole month. I hope that everyone continues with their progress after the month is over. I know that I am!! I havent posted meal very often so since today was a rest day, I will post some food. M1 oatmeal with walnuts M2 protein shake M3 spinach salad with black beans and veggies M4 skipped M5 veggie burger with whole wheat bun and sweet potato fries Lots of water too!
  6. 1-24 workout Legs day!! I did the same leg workout as I did earlier in the month. I had to take it easy since my knee is starting to get fluid pockets from working out so much. I have been icing and elevating it when I can. I also added some good mornings to my leg workout 3x12 at 20lbs I hope everyone is keeping up with their journals!!
  7. 1-25 workout I worked out at the gym with a trainer and we did 20 fast feet on a step bench 40 mountain climbers 30 sec plank Did this 3 rounds 15 lat raises 8lbs 15 deal lifts 40lbs 10 burpees 30 sec plank did this 3 rounds 20 plank jacks 10 pushups 30 sec plank 3 rounds I am forgetting some of the moves as I didnt write it down. But it was a good workout!!
  8. Here is today's workout 1-26-12 Workout was chest, tri's and abs Overhead extensions 3x10 12lbs Chest press 3 sets 12-10-8 12lbs Incline DB press 3 sets 10-8-6 12lbs Pec Flye 4 sets 12-10-8-6 8lbs Pressdown 4 sets 12-10-8-6 45lbs Bench dips 3x12 Kickback one arm 3x10 crunches on ball 3x15 Russian twist 4x20 45 cardio on treadmill I tried sunwarrior protein for the first time and it was really good in a smoothie....YUM!!
  9. I just realized today is wed and I haven't updated my journal for this week. School work and life in general keeps me busy. I will post in separate posts my workout this week so far!
  10. I am studying to get my BA in Health and Kinesiology What are you studying?
  11. 1-20 workout chest and tris did same workout at posted in the first week. I am starting to see some muscle definition in my arms!!!
  12. I feel like I have not updated much this week. This week was one of my busiest. My husbands bday was Monday and mine was Tuesday as well as school started back this semester for me. Yesterdays workout:1-19 Back and Bis cable row 3*12 40lbs wide grip pull down 3*12 40lbs bicep curl one arm alternating 3*12 12lbs hammer curls 3*12 12lbs back extensions 3*15 abs russian twist with medicine ball 3*20
  13. Today was 3 rounds of: 15 sumo squat holding 15lb DB 20 push press 30lbs barbell 10 jack push climb 20 squats (had to squat down to touch bum to medicine ball) 20 DB swings holding 20lb DB (didnt have a kettlebell handy) Abs 15 bicycle crunch x 3 15 crunch on ball x3
  14. Today was shoulders and abs The same as previously posted
  15. Being healthy and fit modivates me. As well as being a good role model for my kids.
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