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  1. Good points. Arguing with meat eaters on forums is an interminable process. You no sooner answer a question when someone else asks the same one in a different way. You put someone right about something and show the studies and then someone else starts a thread about the same thing and it all kicks off again. Do you often get involved in online debates? I keep copies of debates where I have posted important info. One epic one went on for about 100 pages. I have it all saved.
  2. And so on. This is the way I think but I sometimes forget. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. Is your neck still hurting or is it the same injury you had from last Friday? Rest will be good, as Gaia suggests, but if you are raring to go and can't wait and if it's just the shoulder, you could (carefully) try doing different exercises until you find one that doesn't hurt. For example, if I do chin ups (palms facing me) or neutral grip chin ups (palms facing each other), my left elbow hurts. It doesn't hurt (hardly ever) when I do pull ups (palms facing away from me). You might just need to do some exercise that puts your arm in a different position as you move it. If you do do this, use lighter weights and be careful. Give isometric contractions a go. Do them at different joint angles to see if one position is better or less painful than another and to exercise the muscles at various stages of contraction. Probably a good idea to do rotator cuff exercises as well and also sort out your flexibility problem. Since doing scapular press ups, shoulder dislocates, wall slides and Cuban rotations my left shoulder doesn't feel painful when doing certain movements. I think the scapular press ups and shoulder dislocates have helped the most. You might find that all of these are painful, in which case you shouldn't do them.
  4. Hello John. Why do you think a raw vegan diet will help in your case? It has been shown to help those wtih type-2 diabetes but I'm not sure about the conditions you mention. I can't give any information about a raw vegan diet but I don't see how it could adversely affect you. Tlhe usual suspects for thyroid and sex hormone problems are the isoflavones in soya. I don't think soya is part of a raw vegan diet - unless it includes sprouted fermented soya beans. One study found that people with subclinical hypothyroidism who were given 16mg of soya isoflavones for 8 weeks progressed into overt hypothyroidism. But these were women. I've only seen the abstract and don't know what forms of soya they consumed. If they'd been eating immature, boiled soya beans, they would have needed about 4 ounces to get 16mg. If they'd been eating tofu, they would have needed 2 to 4 ounces, depending on the brand. More than likely, they were given some form of isoflavone isolate. It has been known for some time that soya can have this effect in normal subjects who don't have an adequate source of iodine in their diets. Other studies found no evidence of soya having feminising influences on men, no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men, and that supplementation with soya protein for 12 weeks 'does not decrease serum testosterone or inhibit lean body mass changes in subjects engaged in a resistance exercise program.' Not raw vegan but I'm sure raw vegan food will be even less likely to cause any adverse changes. That's just my opinion. Good luck in your quest for better health. If I find anything relevant I'll post it here. ------------ Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2011 May;96(5):1442-9. Epub 2011 Feb 16. The effect of soy phytoestrogen supplementation on thyroid status and cardiovascular risk markers in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism: a randomized, double-blind, crossover study. PMID: 21325465 Fertility and Sterility. 2010 Aug;94(3):997-1007. Epub 2009 Jun 12. Clinical studies show no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men: results of a meta-analysis. PMID: 19524224 Fertility and Sterility. 2010 May 1;93(7):2095-104. Epub 2010 Apr 8. Soybean isoflavone exposure does not have feminizing effects on men: a critical examination of the clinical evidence. PMID: 20378106 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2007 Jul 23;4:4. Effect of protein source and resistance training on body composition and sex hormones. PMID: 17908338
  5. One or two of the other videos use studies from non-human animals to support the argument and I cannot recommend those parts of them. Non-humans are not human and can't reliably be used as models for humans. But it is still a great video series with lots of good information.
  6. Vegan-organic farming and permaculture can grow abundant food without the need for farm animals. Soil fertility is increased - especially with permacuture. An experiment in a middle eastern desert showed that soil can be made from sand and plant compost. When the project was over and the land was more or less left to its own devices, the fertile soil continued to be created and the area expanded further into the desert. If it had been managed, the transition would have been greater. I don't advocate turning deserts into farms because plants and animals that live in them have a right to continue living in them but it shows what can be done. A well managed, vegan-organic farm will have natural 'pest' management because the animals that eat marauding insects and slugs will be attracted to it. Organic farm animals might lead good lives but the end is always the same - a bolt shot through the head or a blade to the neck. There is nothing good or ethical about this. He complains about rabbits being minced, deer being shot and woodchucks getting through fences. Humans stole the land of these animals as we expanded like a disease across the planet. Or we imported rabbits to be used as meat and then complained when the rabbits escaped and started eating. But breeding cattle, sheep and pigs and then killing them won't make those other problems go away. It just means more animals being killed. As a vegan diet requires much less land and fewer crops, there won't be as much to defend against deer, greenfly and woodchucks. There won't be a need for so many combine harvesters because grains won't have to be grown to feed chickens and cattle. Some meat eaters preach about 'grass-fed beef' as if it is the answer to all the planet's ills. But do we want to see the world turned in a giant prairie to house all these cattle? Cattle cause pollution and churn up the soil. They will have to be transported to where they will be killed or sold. More predators will be attracted to all these vast herds. The predators will have to be killed. Other animals, who eat grass, will have to be killed. Even more so as their predators will have been killed to stop them eating the animals that eat the grass these other animals want to eat. The only answer is veganism. Most people wouldn't want that but it is the only answer. There are too many humans and they can't all exist on a meat-based diet. We will see even more problems as the Chinese and Indians begin to eat more meat as they become financially better off. He seems to forget the cruelty at the end of the whole process. These people seem to think that humans have a right to do whatever they want to other animals. White people used to think that way about black people. Slavery was successful in building huge fortunes for individuals and countries but only when a few people owned slaves. Not everyone could have had a slave. Not every human can eat meat in the quantities that are eaten in rich countries. It won't work. As the climate changes and sea levels rise, there will be even less land to waste on making meat. Seven thousand million people cannot eat meat. But they can eat a vegan diet. They can choose meat and cause more destruction, misery and death or they can choose veganism. I think many humans will hang on to their lust for meat, though, because their bellies rule their hearts and their heads. I and many others get all our B12 from supplements. It clearly is possible to get enough. We can get enough iron and zinc form plant foods. Eating cholesterol can lead to increases in blood cholesterol if cholesterol levels are already high. Modern blood cholesterol increases and increased heart disease could be explained by the fact that modern humans sit around all day. And they eat highly processed foods. That PDF says: (gatherer-hunter) 'groups studied during the last century were the best, if imperfect, surrogates for Palaeolithic humans. Their subsistence patterns, obligatory physical activity and biomarkers (serum cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose responsiveness, BMI, etc.) can be considered representative of those for humans living 50–25 kya. Proximate analyses of the game animals, fish, shellfish and uncultivated plant foods consumed by HG provide further information concerning nutrient intake of those ancestors.' You can't use modern human groups to deduce what humans ate 30 thousand years ago. These groups are spread all over the world and contend with different climates, plants and animals. They have different levels of physical activity and different cholesterol levels. And one of the tools of anthropologists for assessing the contents of diets (radioisotopes) can lead to wrong conclusions. A recent analysis came to the conclusion that some group were heavy meat eaters because the isotopes in their bones suggested they ate animals. But someone else pointed out that the same isotopic signatures would be found in people who ate the same plants that those animals ate. This is a stupid and callous argument. People get murdered, raped and robbed. Why don't we all go out murdering, raping and robbing, then? It would be ethically defensible as long as we did it kindly. No, it doesn't make more sense to encourage people to be omnivores. There have been religious and political attempts to stamp out crime and wars. But crime and wars persist. Is that a reason for us all to become criminals or warmongers? These three meat-apologist, ex-veggies are just trying to justify their own weak-willed surrender to the desires of their bellies. They are as hypocritical as the slave owner who might have said that slavery could continue as long as the slaves' rights were respected and they were treated nicely. I believe our very distant ancestors - not sure if they were human or prehuman - ate a largely plant-based diet. Earlier ones will have been almost exclusively plant eaters like our chimp cousins. The fact that we can live on a plant-based diet now shows that we can live on a plant-based diet now.
  7. If you are so inclined you could make a few videos to show people how to do certain exercises for certain things - such as how to correct postural problems or how to train a certain body part. And have contact details with info on how you can help people. You could choose to say you are vegan or not, depending on whether or not you want exclusively vegan clients. Also, get a website and put videos on that along with advice about training and diet. Website hosting can be quite inexpensive but if you don't want to shell out for one you could get a free Blogger blog from google and write on that. If you do get a Blogger, I'd advise you to buy your own domain name (about $10 a year) so you can transfer it to a website later on. You could approach health clubs and gyms in your area and remind them that there are lots of veggies and quite a few vegans who would welcome a vegan trainer who knows how to plan for them. If you had videos or a blog, you could show the health clubs the links. You could volunteer your free service to help some local team - perhaps a school or youth team. You'd gain practical experience and build up a good reputation. Good luck to you both. And Welcome to the forum, MissyV!
  8. Some new videos answer her. There are four about The China Study and her criticisms of it. And four about Ancel Keys and his oponents who say that he was wrong about saturated fat. There are 71 videos in total. Each one I've watched has fascinating information and lots of facts. The man who produced them has done sterling work in defending veganism. This video is about Ancel Keys. You can find the others there by searching for Primitive Nutrition 62: China Studies, Part I. The others about that study are numbered 63, 64, 65. Oh, and the first video of the whole series has some familiar faces in it.
  9. Journal of Strength Conditioning Research. 2010 Apr;24(4):1043-51. The metabolic costs of reciprocal supersets vs. traditional resistance exercise in young recreationally active adults. Kelleher AR, Hackney KJ, Fairchild TJ, Keslacy S, Ploutz-Snyder LL. SourceMusculoskeletal and Human Performance Laboratories, Department of Exercise Science, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA. auk167(AT)psu.edu Abstract An acute bout of traditional resistance training (TRAD) increases energy expenditure (EE) both during exercise and in the postexercise period. Reciprocal supersets (SUPERs) are a method of resistance training that alternates multiple sets of high-intensity agonist-antagonist muscle groups with limited recovery. The purpose of this study was to compare the energy cost of SUPERs and TRAD both during and in the postexercise period. We hypothesized that SUPERs would produce greater exercise EE relative to the duration of exercise time and greater excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) than TRAD of matched work. Ten recreationally active, young men each participated in 2 exercise protocols: SUPER, followed 1 week later by TRAD matched within using a 10-repetition maximum load for 6 exercises, 4 sets, and repetitions. Participants were measured for oxygen consumption and blood lactate concentration during exercise and 60 minutes postexercise after each exercise bout. No significant differences were observed in aerobic exercise EE between trials (SUPER 1,009.99 +/- 71.42 kJ; TRAD 954.49 +/- 83.31 kJ); however, when expressed relative to time, the exercise EE was significantly greater during SUPER (34.70 +/- 2.97 kJ.min) than TRAD (26.28 +/- 2.43 kJ.min). Excess postexercise oxygen consumption was significantly greater after SUPER (79.36 +/- 7.49 kJ) over TRAD (59.67 +/- 8.37 kJ). Average blood lactate measures were significantly greater during SUPER (5.1 +/- 0.9 mmol.L) than during TRAD (3.8 +/- 0.6 mmol.L). Reciprocal supersets produced greater exercise kJ.min, blood lactate, and EPOC than did TRAD. Incorporating this method of resistance exercise may benefit exercisers attempting to increase EE and have a fixed exercise volume with limited exercise time available. PMID: 20300020 --------------- Some interesting links on the same page of pubmed.
  10. They only measured muscle protein synthesis - myofibrilar, sarcoplasmic and mixed. They only did one bout of exercise with each load. Four sets each. With 30% they averaged 25 reps each set. With 90%, they averaged 5 reps. They didn't have a chance to measure strength or hypertrophy increases. But, as an article I have read said, tennis players build extra strength and bone and muscle mass in their playing arms. They use a very light load - a tennis bat - with hundreds of repetitions a day. I think it would be worth trying - even if it was just used for the muscles that give you most pain. You could even try it with just one arm or leg and use a heavier weight for the other one. You would see if there was any difference. When I say it could be worth trying, I don't mean using a tennis bat.
  11. You might be able to retain or build bulk with lighter weights. This study (in young men) found that weights of 30% of 1RM stimulated more muscle protein synthesis than weights of 90% of 1RM - when doing reps to failure. The full study is available. There are also studies which show that training with restricted blood flow (using elastic bandages round the muscles being exercised) result in hypertrophy and strength gains even with low intensity. One even found this in men who just did a walking exercise. I'm not sure I'd want to train with restricted blood flow, though. ----------------- PLoS One. 2010 Aug 9;5(:e12033. Low-load high volume resistance exercise stimulates muscle protein synthesis more than high-load low volume resistance exercise in young men. Burd NA, West DW, Staples AW, Atherton PJ, Baker JM, Moore DR, Holwerda AM, Parise G, Rennie MJ, Baker SK, Phillips SM. SourceExercise Metabolism Research Group, Department of Kinesiology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Abstract BACKGROUND: We aimed to determine the effect of resistance exercise intensity (%1 repetition maximum-1RM) and volume on muscle protein synthesis, anabolic signaling, and myogenic gene expression. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Fifteen men (21+/-1 years; BMI=24.1+/-0.8 kg/m2) performed 4 sets of unilateral leg extension exercise at different exercise loads and/or volumes: 90% of repetition maximum (1RM) until volitional failure (90FAIL), 30% 1RM work-matched to 90%FAIL (30WM), or 30% 1RM performed until volitional failure (30FAIL). Infusion of [ring-13C6] phenylalanine with biopsies was used to measure rates of mixed (MIX), myofibrillar (MYO), and sarcoplasmic (SARC) protein synthesis at rest, and 4 h and 24 h after exercise. Exercise at 30WM induced a significant increase above rest in MIX (121%) and MYO (87%) protein synthesis at 4 h post-exercise and but at 24 h in the MIX only. The increase in the rate of protein synthesis in MIX and MYO at 4 h post-exercise with 90FAIL and 30FAIL was greater than 30WM, with no difference between these conditions; however, MYO remained elevated (199%) above rest at 24 h only in 30FAIL. There was a significant increase in AktSer473 at 24h in all conditions (P=0.023) and mTORSer2448 phosphorylation at 4 h post-exercise (P=0.025). Phosporylation of Erk1/2Tyr202/204, p70S6KThr389, and 4E-BP1Thr37/46 increased significantly (P<0.05) only in the 30FAIL condition at 4 h post-exercise, whereas, 4E-BP1Thr37/46 phosphorylation was greater 24 h after exercise than at rest in both 90FAIL (237%) and 30FAIL (312%) conditions. Pax7 mRNA expression increased at 24 h post-exercise (P=0.02) regardless of condition. The mRNA expression of MyoD and myogenin were consistently elevated in the 30FAIL condition. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: These results suggest that low-load high volume resistance exercise is more effective in inducing acute muscle anabolism than high-load low volume or work matched resistance exercise modes. PMID: 20711498
  12. Not sure if this site would be of help but it looks good to me after glancing at it and watching the video. It says it has a simple system for building a website (drag and drop) and it has ways for you to make an online store: 'shopping cart, real-time transaction processing, integration with eBay, custom shopping tables, support for instant Paypay payments and much more.' homestead.com/ As I said, I've only glanced at it and know nothing about it. Good luck!
  13. I bought about 400lb of weights a few years ago for £20 (if my memory serves me). I 'phoned gyms and asked them if they had any imperial weights they didn't use and was lucky on my 4th or 5th attempt. They included a 6-foot barbell bar and two 65lb fixed dumbbells. The rest are a mixture of 25, 15, 10 and 5-pound discs. My car was back heavy as I drove home with all that weight in the boot.
  14. Hello Uciel. I'm glad your health has improved on a vegan diet. I think you could improve your diet by having cooked carrots and cooked tomatoes a few times each week. If you don't have heavy weights you could try single-arm and single-leg exercises using your bodyweight. Good luck.
  15. Yes, it's a very good alternative. My favourite lower body exercise. The single-leg Romanian deadlift is also very good. It's effective in working the glutes and hamstrings. Even a light weight is taxing.
  16. You could try eccentric (negative) contractions for some movements. This is sometimes used in rehabilitation for tendon injuries. You could also try mental training - imagining that you moving a weight in the usual manner. This has been used to build or maintain strength. Most studies have used muscles controlling the fingers but some have used bigger muscles such as biceps. It doesn't build bulk but might maintain it.
  17. If you're not UK based you probably won't know who David Icke is - in short he's a complete lunatic There are some good discussions over there. I have a lot of fun educating people about veganism and pointing out the flaws in the anti-vegan propaganda. When the vegan threads are quiet I sometimes post in threads against the Nazis and Jew haters, of whom there are many.
  18. I'm not sure - even though I've dealt with some of these people over many threads. Basically, I think the message is that vegans are weak. It doesn't matter what evidence is shown to refute this.
  19. Welcome to the forum, Elia. You should make sure you are eating a good mix of foods - leafy vegetables, nuts, beans and peas, fruits, carrots. Cereals, if you are not allergic or intolerant. Are you eating enough to replace the energy you use? A good multivitamin and mineral supplement would be a good idea.
  20. What about doing some isolation work for various muscles? Perhaps triceps extensions, shrugs, lateral arm raises, biceps exercises, etc. As long as they don't cause any pain. This will keep your muscles strong and will make it easier to get back to compound movements when you are healed.
  21. Yes, that attitude seems to be quite typical. Like the vegans who only eat one fish a week. Here's a video of a 53-year-old chap who is a raw vegan bodybuilder: His non-steroid use is being challenged on a forum. I don't know enough about the subject to defend him. If anyone is interested in telling some meat eaters how it is possible to be a vegan BBer without stroid drugs, you could do so at: ht--tp://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=181605 You'll have to copy and past and get rid of the -- from the ht--tp. But, be warned: there are some very unpleasant people over there.
  22. Single-leg squats. I think VeganEssentials is being a bit optimistic with the weight. If you weigh 180 you are lifting your weight above the knees, say 150 plus the 250 barbell. That is 400lb. If you do a SLS, your one leg is lifting 180 - 15 = 165. So you would need to add a 35 dumbbell to equal 250 with both legs. That is 200 lb with the single leg. I was thinking about this for ages and worked it out for myself and then saw something on Tarnation (T-nation) that confirmed it. I would also add that 35lb with one leg would actually be harder than 250 with both because the one leg also has to do more stabilisation work. 10 - 15 lb would probably be nearer the mark, especially if you're not familiar with SLS. Make sure you do full range of motion - ATG, as some people inelegantly put it. If you must do partials, I would say it is better to stop slightly above parallel in case the theory that at parallel the ligaments are in a vulnerable position if you stop there and then reverse the movement. And don't bounce up from the lower position.
  23. I was asked to pass this on. Please ask anyone you know in the UK who can help or who can also pass the message on. ----------- by Luke Steele (NAVA) As people may be aware, a number of UK animal research facilities are currently downscaling activities, or in some cases closing down altogether. We already have an arrangement with a laboratory to re-home rats and mice, giving them a new chance at life where possible, instead of being killed at the end of experiments. Now we are in the planning stages of performing a legal rescue of animals from a number of testing facilities. The animals will be what the industry term ‘control’ animals, those that are healthy and used to compare against those that have been experimented on. We cannot, at this stage, confirm species but we are looking for people to assist with the re-homing of multiple species – rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea-pigs, cats and dogs. There is also the possibility of ‘specialist’ animals which cannot be re homed as companion animals due to specialist knowledge, transport and housing needed – for example primates. If anybody can help with any part of the rescue – from offering a home, transporting animals or providing contacts – please send me an email – [email protected] It goes without saying, the more homes we can find the more animals rescued from laboratories we can offer a new lease at life. Thanks, Luke.
  24. Yes, I saw that forum. Thanks. I thought of joining but don't want to join yet another forum.
  25. It might be better not to announce you are vegan until after winning. There are so few vegans that it is unlikely one will beat non-vegans in any kind of endeavour. If there are thirty competitors and only one of them is vegan, most likely a non-vegan will win and people will say the vegan lost because of their diet. But the ignorant critics of veganism will not wonder why the other twenty-eight also lost. In any competition it is usually the exceptional person who wins. This is the case when the person wins consistently. The win comes from a combination of training, natural ability, determination, childhood experiences, diet, a bit of luck and possibly the phase of the moon for all we know. A vegan diet might give someone an advantage (though it might not) but won't help with the other components. Until we have many more vegans at the top in sports, any loss by a vegan will be trumpeted as proof that a vegan diet is a poor choice.
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