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  1. I enjoyed it even though I'm not really much of a music fan. Very professional presentation.
  2. There is not as much activity now in the UK after so many people have been arrested - sometimes on false charges - under the anti-terrorist and anti-harassment legislation. The laws are so worded that many formerly legal activities can be construed as being threatening or harassement.
  3. Good luck to you both. Don't overdo things. You are now members of the Vegan Parkour Association, the aim of which is to show that vegans can be strong, fit and agile. Even the Royal Marines are taking an interest in parkour.
  4. Great! Well done. Keep up the good work.
  5. VeganEssentials is correct about the new anti-terrorist laws. We have the same draconian legislation here. But the new Con-LibDem government has hinted that it might repeal some of them. They have asked people to vote for the laws that should be scrapped. If it is not just a public relations exercise it should make some welcome changes and enable AR campaigners to campaign without being arrested. People who attack the enemy often cause trouble for others. The French Resistance attacks on the nazis often resulted in dozens of innocent men and women being executed in reprisals. You have to weigh up the possible consequences of your actions and decide if they help or hinder the cause. I've started a new thread about parkour with the titles of some good instruction videos. It's in the General Fitness/Other Sports section.
  6. There are only 2 threads about parkour but they are about people who are already experts. I have found some videos which show the basic moves and explain how to do them. I first learnt of the existence of parkour about 2 years ago. I have never done it. Two years ago I couldn't even stand without pain, never mind attempting to leap over high objects. I had hoped I would be able to start with the basics this year but I'll have to wait until next year before I am mobile enough to do it. As I said in another thread, it would be useful for AR activists but it would also be a lot of fun. Just remember - look before you leap! Here are some good videos of basic parkour moves. Just copy and paste the complete first line (the bits in bold) into the youtube search box. They will usually be the first one that comes up in the search. Check that the time is the same. One or two or these start with a short advertisement. Basic Kong Tutorial Parkourblog 2min 30 sec. Parkour Tutorial: Wall-Run UrbanCurrent 4 min 58 sec. Very good, step-by-step instruction. He calls it a wall run but the wall run is usually something different. As far as I can tell this is usually called the wall hop or wall climb. Parkour tutorial: WALL HOP kenzieSPOng3BOB 2 min 54 sec Also, have a look for his wall hop over a 12 foot wall: 12ft wall climb (parkour) kenzieSP0ng3B0B How to do Parkour : Parkour Training : The Cat Expert Village. Texas Parkour 1 min 45 sec Parkour Tutorial (Basics) Team RKTR 7 min 10 sec Various vaults. No instruction but you can see how they do each one. Parkour / Free Running - Basic Movements Dambrush 4 min 14 sec. Various vaults. Also some acrobatics. The wall flip might be useful if someone is running close behind you. The wall run (not shown, but search for wall run videos) could also be useful in that situation. Both could confuse them long enough for you to get away. Learn Free Running and Parkour - The Gate Vault Tutorial StreetPulseParkour 2 min 21 sec Parkour 11 Gate Vault morareduard 1 min 44 sec. Ryan Doyle - Parkour Roll Tutorial 4 min 30 sec This is advanced. But could be useful if you have to jump off a high wall. There are lots of videos by other people showing how to roll.
  7. I am unsure if causing damage is a good move. When it comes to fighting for human rights, I think people will approve of more things done to achieve the aims. Fighting for human freedom sometimes involves killing. When two countries are at war there is usually little objection to killing the enemy. It could be said that we are at war with abusers. But we are not fighting for our country or our people. We are campaigning for other species. Most humans don't care what happens to other species. Most humans would condemn acts of violence or property damage in the pursuit of AR. For that reason alone, never mind the moral one, violence shouldn't be used. In war time, commandos can raid the enemy's land, kill lots of the enemy and do great damage. But they have a safe haven to return to. And they return as heroes. There is no safe haven for AR activists. And no hero's return. I think, but am not sure, that doing as little damage as possible would be the best course of action. Some damage in freeing lab or farm animals would be unavoidable but it should be kept to a minimum and only done to doors and cages to free the prisoners. One thing that every AR activist should practise is parkour. Experienced practitioners can do seemingly gravity defying leaps and climbs. Have a look on youtube for a video called: Russian Ninjas, Russian Climbing Ninja, Parkour in Latvia . No one would be able to catch them. It lasts for 8 minutes and 24 seconds. They will have scouted the area and did practice runs but that is what anyone should do. AR activists should know the area they intend to operate in and look for the best places to get in and out, and the best escape routes. The first couple of minutes of the video is boring but then it explodes into non-stop action. I am the one wearing the frogman suit.
  8. It was a very difficult decision. But you made the right one. At some point, judging by Charlie's condition as you describe it, he could have started to experience a lot of pain - quite possibly excrutiating. Before it became apparent to you, he would have suffered a lot in silence. Dogs can be good at hiding their suffering. You saved him from all that. He was probably already beginning to suffer. You caught it just in time to save him further suffering. I'm sure he still loves you. Keep his memory alive. My condolences to all of you who have lost a loved one.
  9. I suppose it depends on what your goals are. If heavy weights feel comfortable and don't cause any problems, I would use them. I'm over 50. I feel as strong as I did 30 years ago. I often use heavier weights than I did then - but this is because I used to use a 3 sets of 10 reps system. I now prefer to do lower reps with heavier weights. I did a deadlift for the first time less than 3 years ago. I came close to a double bodyweight lift on my first day of doing them. The lift was easier than I thought it would be and I was going to add weight but I was worried about my back and my less than perfect technique. I had practised the movemnt a few times days earlier with just an empty bar to get used to the technique. I shouldn't have attempted them because my back had been painful on the day. I decided to do them again in my next session with lighter weights, to train the technique. My back became really sore not long after and I haven't done them since. And never will, because of my back problem. So, those over 50 can lift heavy weights. I think that if I had persevered and my back had been undamaged, I would now be lifting much more than double bodyweight. I had hoped to eventually go over treble bodyweight. I think I could have done it.
  10. The chap is called Christopher Sommer, of gymnasticbodies.com I believe you can build great strength and quite a bit of bulk just with gymnastic training but I think some gymnasts sometimes also use weights. Some don't. I am always amazed by the incredible upper body strength of male gymnasts, especially on the rings and pommel horse. Sometimes you see them swinging in a complete circle on the high bar holding on with just one hand. Their grip must be quite strong.
  11. Is there any unusual conformation of your wrists - anything unusual in the shape or structure? Your wrists might need more time to get used to the extra work and might need to be eased in more gently. Many of us use the wrist and finger flexors much more than we use the extensors. Perhaps this is causing some problem. If so, you could exercise them by using bands to offer resistance against opening your fingers, or the more usual wrist exercises using weights. You could also do some isometric exercises, where you try to bend your wrist backwards with the hand fully open but resist that with your other hand pressing against the fingers. On the gymnasticbodies site they show an exercise which they call wrist pushups. I would think these will make the wrist extensors work really hard. Anyone who tries them should be very careful and stop immediately any pain is experienced. They are an advanced exercise designed for gymnasts. I don't know how gymnasts fare when they get older but I don't think I would want to do the full version of this exercise in case it puts too much stress on the wrists or hands. I have tried them against a wall. I stand about 3 feet from it and press up and down against the wall. It's quite easy at that distance but I would need padding under my hands if I wanted to increase the resistance. Or an incline board could be used. They can be seen here: ht----tp://gymnasticbodies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=860&start=15 The easier versions could be worth a try for anyone who wants to strengthen their wrists - as long as they are careful. I'm not sure what he is going on about when he talks about 'dorsal pushups'.
  12. You'll still need to eat fruit and vegetables, and pulses, seeds, and other things, to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. There will be things in food that aren't even known about now. Vitamins were unknown not long ago. Until we are living in Star Trek days, we'll need more than just pills for our micronutrients. Even if we were living in Star Trek days, I would still eat proper food. The taste is very tasty. And I could never give up tea. Good luck on gaining lean weight.
  13. I would say that both will require a high level of skill, determination and cunning. The first one could result in injuries to you. The second could result in having to face legal action. The second one would also need a lot of oganisation and logistical planning. Both could influence people to try to emulate your achievements and to think about their own actions. The second one could alienate people if not done carefully. I think both could help to further the cause. Both are laudable ambitions. I would go for the one that is easier for you to achieve.
  14. Hello Kaitlin. You've joined the right forum to learn about vegan health and fitness. I hope you adopt veganism soon. I'm sure you won't regret it.
  15. Good decision, Alex. Good luck with your renewed lifting.
  16. I don't want to hijack this thread but I want to make a couple of points clear as they might help Roee. Or they might not. I just want to make sure I don't miss any vital nutrients. My diet is usually very poor. For decades I have often gone for long periods where my only food is bread/toast with tahini, raisins and nuts, tea and soya milk, and perhaps one or two apples a day. The occasional banana. Perhaps a cooked meal with some green veg, carrots and potatoes once a week. Sometimes twice a week. Sometimes no cooked meal for two weeks. More recently, I've been having cooked tomatoes on toast with olive oil once or twice a week as part of my cooked meals. I doubt if I have a regular adequate supply of beta carotene or pro-vitamin A in my unsupplemented diet. My vitamin C intake could be on the low side at times without tablets. I also have no preformed source of DHA or EPA but obviously manage to convert enough for my needs as I am very healthy. I am thinking of getting some algae capsules. Just thinking. I need a supplement for vitamin D because, due to a back injury and my lifestyle, I hardly get any sunlight. Consequently, I am rather pale-looking. No, I'm not a vampire. I am also concerned that the fruit and vegetables I eat might have been picked many days or even weeks before I get my hands on them. Despite all this, I am extremely healthy, full of energy and strong. I think my supplements help me to remain so as my diet isn't really always adequate. Some studies have found the benefits of taking supplements. Some haven't. It might depend on the study design or the starting levels of nutrients in the subjects. Some of those that found benefit were partly funded by vitamin sellers, but not many other private organisations would fund such studies. It's not always easy to know if the results of a study are accurate. Even the reviewers in journals have to rely on the data supplied by the authors - which could be wrong. We have to decide if we believe the authors just as we have to decide if we believe other authors who said things to the contrary. I often contend that the only way to know if a study's results are accurate is to do the study yourself. I can't conduct medical studies, so I need to decide which studies to believe.
  17. Hello Roee. I would advise you to take a multi-vitamin and mineral tablet each day. If you don't have a good source of iodine in your diet, you should probably take a kelp tablet each day, too. I know some people don't like vitamin and mineral tablets but the nutrients in many foods have fallen over the last 100 years or so, according to some estimates. I take them to be on the safe side and also because my diet is not as good as it could be. My ideal diet (for the way I live and train) would be quite simple - lots of vegetables and fruits, and nuts, raisins, wholemeal bread, porridge, rice, lentils, and soya milk for my tea. Your English is very good. Will it be easy to keep to a vegan diet in the army?
  18. I've just watched one of the videos there. It shows how a commercial veganic farm grows food. I could be happy working there. It's the one on the right of the home page which says: 'Farmer Iain Tolhurst demonstrates how people can be fed with food grown Stockfree, Organically, Ethically and Sustainably.' Click twice to get full screen. It lasts for 17 minutes.
  19. I've never had a garden or an allotment. I know a bit of the theory, though. You could probably do no better than to have a look at the articles on the following site: http://www.veganorganic.net/ Also, search for Permaculture or Forest Gardening on the internet. And Companion Planting. A lot of gardeners swear by companion planting. Where one plant helps another to grow or deters insects that might eat them.
  20. Hello Swaywme. Good for you on going vegan. You've come to the right place for advice about vegan health and training - there are some very knowledgeable people here.
  21. Hello Beforewisdom. If people do run into traffic, they should be made to pay for any damage or alarm they cause. If someone caused an accident by their foolish behaviour and the police asked me to help apprehend the one responsible, I would probably help. It would depend on what damage was done or on the circumstances. I actually felt a bit sorry for that copper. Once he'd punched the woman he couldn't back down - he had to keep going. I imagine he knew he'd gone too far. I'm not aware of what's happening in Toronto. Unless it is something to do with the G9 wotsit. I saw someone on the television news who looked like a thug smashing a window and running off. He might deserve to be punished. I don't hate the police. I've always been treated with respect by them.
  22. they killed one of the snakes I didn't see that. If they did, they are scum. I saw them dissect a whale that had been washed up, an elephant, a great white shark and the lion and tiger. I'm waiting for the one where they dissect a vivisector to see it they can find a heart.
  23. I agree that there are some stupid and careless people in the world. But I think that we should be allowed to cross the road when we want to as long as it doesn't put anyone in danger or cause an inconvenience for others. This all started with those women and the violent copper. We don't know if they posed a danger to drivers. The road might have been clear. If it was, they had the right to cross. If they caused anyone to swerve or brake, then they were in the wrong. But the copper was wrong to assault one of them. If they were causing no harm, he was wrong to even arrest them. Wrong from a Rights position. I would be prepared to drive through a red traffic light if there were no other cars around. If it was 4 o'clock on a Sunday morning in the summertime and I could see all approach roads and I was in a hurry, or if the light was stuck. I would cause no harm. I would be breaking the law but it is a law designed to stop accidents. There could be no accident. If I was riding a pushbike and came to a red traffic light which stopped me turning left, I would be prepared to get off the bike, wheel it round the corner to the road I wanted to turn into. Get on the bike and ride off - if it was safe to do so. This could actually be safer than waiting for the lights to change because I wouldn't have to worry about oncoming cars turning right or cars behind me following me and forcing me into the pavement. I might actually wheel it on the road or on the pavement, depending on what was easier and what traffic there might be coming from the right. I live in the UK where we drive on the right side of the road. The right side is, of course, the left. People who drive on the wrong side of the road - the right side - would be at a turning to turn right. I believe 'pavement' means something else in some parts of the world. The pavement is that raised track at the side of roads that pedestrians walk on. And some cyclists cycle on. And dogs do their dos on. It would all depend on my actions being safe. Pedestrians and cyclists are more manoeuvrable than cars, buses and lorries. If it is safe for them to ignore traffic rules - and especially if it is safer - they shouldn't be penalised for doing so. I do think people who are operating dangerous machinery - such as cars - should have to abide by more rules than do pedestrians. Drivers should have to take a driving test to be on the public road. But pedestrians shouldn't need to take any test to go anywhere. And should be allowed to cross the road safely without attracting the attention of the law. When I go to the supermarket, I enter from the street entrance. Once inside, there's a sign saying 'No Entry'. This is at the tills where people pay for their purchases. The 'proper' entrance is about 150 feet away, near the car park entrance. I am not going to walk 150 feet and then double back another 150 feet to end up near where I came in just to buy some tea. I walk past the people who are waiting to pay at the tills. There is plenty of room. I don't interfere with what they are doing. Sometimes, the first till has a barrier half-way across it to stop people doing what I do. I just go to the next one. Nearly everyone who comes in from the street does as I do. I see them when I am standing in the queue waiting to pay. A fairly new law makes it an offence to smoke in public buildings. I agree with it. It's also an offence to smoke inside a bus stop shelter. Some bus stop shelters have three sides and a roof. The front is open. A sign warns people that they mustn't smoke inside the shelter. You can stand at the side of it - just outside - and smoke. If you are standing upwind, the smoke will blow into the shelter. But you can do that. If you stand inside it - on the downwind side - and lean out to blow the smoke away from the other people, you will be committing an offence. One person can smoke legally and cause a nuisance and put other people's health in danger. The other person can smoke illegally and not inconvenience anyone nor put their health in danger. It is the uncompromising enforcement of daft laws that annoys me. If people are not causing danger or inconvenience, they should not be reprimanded or arrested for breaking rules. I've just this moment invented a new saying: Rules are right when rule breakers are wrong; rules are wrong when Rights are broken. All right, not quite Shakespeare, but what do you expect for 49 seconds' effort? Meaning: Keep to the rules when not doing so could cause danger, but break the rules if keeping to them infringes your rights or inconveniences you, and breaking them causes no harm.
  24. If people get knocked down crossing the road it is often because they didn't take enough care. No law can protect them. If they only cross when the signal tells them to, they could still be killed by a careless driver if they, the pedestrian, are not taking care. It's easy to cross a road safely. You do so where it is easy to get across without being hit. I've done it thousands of times. Only cross when you can do so without putting yourself or others in danger. Only sit on a bench if you are not likely to be attacked for doing so. Come on now, America is supposed to be the Land of the Free. You should be free to cross the road.
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