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  1. Loved reading that, Robert - hey, is the John Pierre you mentioned from Park Ridge (Chicago)? If so, I went to high school with him - I saw him speak at a Go-Veggie event a few years ago. Anyway, all the best to you in 2011 & keep inspiriing ppl - Sue from Chicago
  2. Mine's about $150 a week - summertime a little less due to farmers markets - Oct thru May it's mostly Whole Foods. I've about 75% raw since April & lost 30 pounds - had been vegan prior to that for 5 years and vegetarian for 20 years. I just ran my first full marathon, have studied martial arts for 6 years, and spend some time in the gym lifting & on the treadmill - sometimes yoga - also a dancer. People at work are amazed at how much I eat, and I'm amazed at how little they eat. I have my huge banana-based green smoothie w/ cacao & gogi berries every morning with my avocado, basil, garlic, tomato, jalapeno pepper, celtic salt, and olive oil Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla, my gigantic green salad with seeds & nuts & fruit-like vegetables dressed with Brendan Brazier's new oil concoction and Bragg's apple cider vinegar - half an avocado, and my gargantuon fruit salad with coconut & nuts - probably too much fat, but a vast improvement over what I used to eat when I was a 40% raw vegan with fried potatoes and Tings (like Pirate's Booty) and other processed carbs being one of my main staple food groups. Yes, somehow I spend more now - possibly due to the superfoods and my increasing insistence on buying organic. - Sue
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