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  1. Hi! Newbie here...I've been thin all my life, and I want to gain weight, but not fat. I'm 5'1 and 93 lbs female, but I have a little pooch. Currently I'm not really active and I get physical therapy for my neck twice a week (strength training of upper back arms and neck muscles). I don't want to lose more weight, but I want to be able to get rid of that problem area while gaining muscle around my calves, legs, arms, and the derriere/ass. I would like to know any tips on being "skinny fat" and how to do this without drastic weight loss. I want to gain muscle instead of fat, since I don't want to be skinny anymore either. How many carbs, fat, and protein do I need to get where I want? What kind of diet is best suited for me? Any diet that is Gluten free and Low Glycemic but will give me the energy I need to build muscle? Also, I have Fibromyalgia, and cervical spondylosis, so I can't do anything too intense. As for diet, I have food sensitivities, blood sugar issues and lactose intolerant. I cannot eat foods with wheat or gluten. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope someone can help me, thank you for reading. ^_^
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