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  1. Day2 2012-01-09 I'm in a world of hurt from yesterday, so I took a rest day today. Foodstuffs: Meal1: blueberry-soymilk-protein smoothie, sprouted engligh muffin, cashew butter Meal2: cliff builder bar Meal3: wheat pasta, gardein fillet Meal4: apple, banana Meal5: tempeh chili (beans, peppers, tomatoes, corn, etc) soymilk, kashi crackers Meal6: handful of raw pecans and cashews
  2. Thanks, dude! A 2.0 Mentality is a powerful asset; I'm looking forward to using this site as part of my routine.
  3. Day1 2012-01-08 I'm coming off of a two day rest, so tried to go big, I'm really feeling it now, so I pushed myself pretty well. Assisted Pull-up: [email protected], [email protected](fail,ouch), [email protected](fail), [email protected](fail) Decline Dumbbell Pull-Over [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected](fail) Dumbbell Shoulder Press [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected](fail) Deadlift [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Food stuffs: meal1: two sprouted english muffins w/peanut butter meal2: vega sport protein drink meal3: seitan stroganoff meal4: veggie and refried bean burrito, potato hash, chips'n'vegan queso (restaurant) I'm not too proud of my eating today, will try to do better tomorrow.
  4. hello there and welcome my fellow (forum) newbie! I'm seeing there are a few other Massachussetts people on the board too, I wonder if we should hang out sometime?
  5. hey finbarrio, I'm from around your neck of the woods, I'm in southern Newton, Massachusetts any other Massholes on the board?
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I'm really surprised by the amount of responses I got from my post! I guess that is just a testament to what a great community this is. BTW Odidnetne, that avatar is awesome, you obviously have photoshop skills of a ninja
  7. Hi everyone, I am really excited about joining this great community and learning more ways to live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle and have FUN doing so! I just recently met Robert for the first time and it was inspiring to say the least. I really hope I can meet a lot more like-minded people here and maybe even make some friends (OK its a longshot, but its been known to happen to me every once in a while ) Anyways, I'll keep searching the depth of the threads here and hopefully see you all there!
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