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  1. Quick introduction: I am vegan for the second time. The first time I was not healthy and lost far too much weight. This time around I am taking a much healthier approach. I try to avoid substitutes for meat and dairy, including soy and gluten except for occasional or special meals. Prefer to get protein from seeds, nuts, beans, grains, etc. I struggle with energy and endurance though so have added SunWarrior protein, barley and supergreens to try to help. Any other thoughts or recommendations? I also struggle with toning my lower half. Actually, the real problem is getting rid of fat on my low body. I am 37, 5'5 1/2" and about 123 pounds. I run about 15 miles a week, bike 30 to 60. Lift weights 3 to 4 days a week and walk my dog about 12 to 15 hours a week. If anyone has some suggestions for changes or additions to help my lower body fat loss I would certainly appreciate it!
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