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  1. Sooo I have been Vegan for what seems like forever and have been married for what seems like forever as well but I have been married to a meat eater *Gasp* I tried and tried and tried for what seems like forever to convert the guy - telling him how cute and smart and nice cows are and that chickens and pigs have feelings too etc.. But while he understood he still was reluctant to give up animal products. And then one day a break through - my husband says to me "Well I would consider being vegan but I want to get big muscles and I don't that is possible if you are vegan." Saddened I left the issue alone, for the moment anyway.... Then the very next day I got a friend request via MySpace from a guy who's name was Vegan Bodybuilder! Talk about fate So I ran to get my husband and had him check out Roberts pictures and this site - I was hopeful that that is all it would take but he much to my dismay he was still chowing down on animals while on lunchbreaks with his co-workers. So what is a desperate wife to do? Have Robert fly in for the weekend and educate that very meat eating husband in the ways of Veganism And now he is Vegan - The End!
  2. Ummmm hmmmm I guess maybe I should be a bit more clear? My understanding of things is that the general population eats meat and thinks of meat as being a staple protien source... And in the eyes of most people protien makes you strong and have big muscle etc... So if you don't eat meat (which is most peoples mind is the only food that provides protien) then you can't possibly be strong and have big muscles, and even though Robert has proven you can be big and vegan, the perception is still that you need to eat meat to be a big strong man. So seeing as this is the general populations view on meat I was hoping to hear from some guys as to how they deal with this misconception... In hopes that I can help my newly vegan (and future bodybuilding) husband who I am sure is going to have to deal with comments like "Have a steak" a few thousand times over the course of his lifetime. My husband is following a diet and fitness program set in place by Robert but it will take a while before my husband is a big and buff like Robert and can simply flex his muscles at anyone who doubts a vegan diet can make you big strong... So in the meantime I imagine he is going to have to deal with some "be a man & have a steak" type comments. So when you are going out for beers after work with your co-workers and everyone is ordering wings and ribs and you order the garden salad how do you handle peoples remarks? - Kate P.S. Thanks in advance for all of your advice!
  3. Question - How does one come out as a vegan? What do you say? How do you avoid coming off as less of a man etc? I am a girl and have found it to be more socially acceptable to be vegan then it would be for a guy. Since the majority of the world associates meat with being a man etc..... The reason I ask how men deal with coming out as a Vegan is because my husband (after being inspired by Robert) decided Veganism is the way to go but is looking for some advice on what to say to people and how to avoid coming off as less of a man now that he is vegan. So any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, thanks! - Kate
  4. Hi! My name is Kate and I am new to the forum! My husband, Bart has also just joined the forum (see his post a bit below mine)! I may be new to the forum but I am not new to Veganism - I have been Vegan for 4 years and a Vegetarian for even longer. The reason I went vegetarian/vegan is to save the animals etc but once I learned/experienced the health benefits I realized veganism is much more then just saving cute cows! And I have been busy promoting this healthy lifestyle ever since! The reason I finally decided to join the forum after having been just a reader for such a long time is because I recently had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Robert "Panda Power" Cheeke! Robert is an amazing person and he speaks quite highly of all his friends on the forum so I just had to join in order to meet you all! I look forward to becoming a part of this fabulous community and getting to know you all better! - Kate P.S. Hope to see some of you at Vegan Vacation!
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