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  1. veggiesasquatch - I do this routine 5 days per week. Lower one day, upper the next, rest 1 day then repeat. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for some feedback on what I am currently doing in the gym and eating. I appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance. Background on me. Female, 52 years old, 5'7". Vegan for 11 years. Just returned to the gym after a FOURTEEN year absence during which time I did very little exercise and gained about 40 lbs. Lost the weight through severe calorie reduction (not good I know) but have about 15 more lbs to lose to be where I want to be (typical spots of thigh, hips and stomach). My goal is the look of a bikini or figure competitor although I have no desire to compete. Have been going to the gym for 10 weeks, 1st month was very easy since my body was not used to doing anything but since then have been lifting heavy and increasing almost every week as I can. I am very happy with the results I'm seeing. Lots of strength gains, good definition, cardio capacity but no loss in blubber unfortunately. I do a two day split, lower body one day, upper body the next then a day of rest. I do 30 minutes on the treadmill before lifting. I loathe cardio but like to hike and bike so increased cardio ability is important to me. I do 3 sets of everything with between 8 to 12 reps. I am full of energy during the routine and leave the gym definitely feeling like I worked out. Food is a bit of a problem for me. I struggle to eat enough and believe my body is in starvation mode due to extreme calorie reduction. Have spent my entire life trying to eat as little as possible each day to get thinner. Beginning this month I am eating 100 grams of protein per day and around 1100 calories. All plant based of course and clean and healthy. This month I also started having a protein shake after a workout which is soymilk, I scoop of protein powder and 1 scoop of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer. Too early to tell if this has made a difference. Supplements are B12, and a multivitamin. Here is my routine. Lower body day (listed in the order I do them) Sorry if I use the wrong names but hopefully you will know what exercise I mean. 30 min cardio Back extension (hyper-extension) Leg curl Seated leg press Squat Deadlift Stiff legged deadlift Cable kickbacks Incline situps (up to 100) Leg press Hamstring machine One legged hamstring machine Walking lunges Upper body day 30 min cardio Dumbell rows Dumbell back flys Chest press Dumbell front flys Cable rows Tricep pressdown (rope) Concentration curls for biceps Bench dips for triceps Roman chair Incline situps (up to 100) Lat pulldown Lateral dumbell raise Front dumbell raise Sorry if this is really long but I wanted to give the full picture. Again thanks for any comments.
  3. PETA - www.peta.org Animal Place (farmed animal sanctuary) - www.animalplace.org - (I live close and volunteer.) Farm Sanctuary - www.farmsanctuary.org
  4. WOW!!!! You look fabulous. Welcome to the site.
  5. For me it was the animal welfare first and better health was a bonus. If an omnivore diet and a vegan diet were 100% equal in being healthy I still would be vegan. I agree with Kenny.f and don't believe we have the right to use animals for our purposes. I have two friends we went vegan for health reasons first and the animals a distant second and both gave it up. One claimed it was too hard since she moved in with her meat eating son and his family and it was too expensive. She complains about how crappy she feels but doesn't really care about the animals she is killing. The other said she couldn't keep weight on (she is one of those annoying women who has always struggled to gain weight) with a vegan diet. Again no regrets about the animals she is killing. Not generalizing about vegans for health reasons, just relating two personal experiences.
  6. I agree with others on here about people mistakenly thinking fish is healthy and good for them so its ok. I've also found that there is the "cuteness factor". For some insane reason people have no problem eating an "ugly" animal but they won't eat a "cute" one. And fish fall into the ugly category.
  7. I buy the Tofurky roast filled with stuffing and gravy every year for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love it! It gives me that traditional holiday eating feeling and I don't have it any other time of year. Before my dad passed he happily ate it even though he was a diehard meat eater (I think it was the smothered in gravy part that made it ok for him). I'm also not much of a cook so just putting something in the oven and baking it fits my lazy style. This year I am heading to LA to spend Thanksgiving with my mom. I told her I would buy the Tofurkey but she wants to eat out instead so I am researching what vegan restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving day. She's a meat eater but will eat vegan if that's where I take her since she can't drive anymore. Happy Holidays to all!
  8. I agree with Jungleinthefrunk and EARNEST. This is a vegan forum and you are clearly not vegan or even state you are aspiring to go vegan. Perhaps you should post your question on a vegetarian or omnivore forum.
  9. Other posters have given great advice so I'll just add a tip I use. Sometimes I just don't want to tell people why I don't eat meat, dairy, eggs, honey etc. so I just tell them I don't like some flavor or non-vegan item in it. If its a cranberry granola bar with honey in it I'll tell them I'm not a fan of cranberries, if its potato salad I tell them I don't like onions. People accept that and I get to eat my veggies, beans or whatever in peace. Good luck!
  10. Congratulations! That is fantastic. I imagine many more Serbians will become vegan after seeing your yummy recipes. And I love the word "veganski".
  11. Congratulations! That is fantastic. I imagine many more Serbians will become vegan after seeing your yummy recipes. And I love the word "veganski".
  12. I eat faux meat once or twice per week with no ill effects but they are not my main sources of protein. They do have a lot of sodium but the rest of my diet is very low in sodium and my blood pressure is low so I think its ok. I usually go for St Ives deli slices or the fake chicken. They are great for convenience and have a lot of protein in a small serving size. I believe balance of all protein sources is the key.
  13. I don't eat those but I do eat Yves Veggie Breast's with 25 grams protein each and also their deli slices. Yummy!
  14. Hi Joseph, Welcome. I am also new here. A little older myself (51) and getting back in shape but a long time vegan. Oh and I'm a female. We oldies can do it too!
  15. Robert, I just received my latest issue of Peta's Animal Times and there you were, I think. Saw a picture of you holding a sign stating "Vegans Make Better Lovers" inside the front cover. Way to go!!!! Just purchased your book and am on my way to a rockin' new bod!
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