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  1. Took me every bit of strength to do 365x2
  2. I haven't done the 5x5 personally, but I do a lot of power lifting which gives you a great base. Do it up!
  3. Don't quit! Start off with small distances of running or running 1km, then walking 1km. I'd suggest jogging at first to get a rhythm down. I found once I started to barefoot run I became more in-tune to my rhythm and foot control because of how you land when barefoot. For shoe running I'd say don't put much emphasis on the heel and have more of a mid foot strike.
  4. In the summer I get the feeling every night even if I did just workout 3 hours prior. However, I live in Moorhead, MN so I have no problem running alone at night. I suggest you either up your intensity at the gym or get a treadmill. Although I know a treadmill isn't exactly the same, it can do the trick somewhat.
  5. Even though I don't get the required hours of sleep every night (college student) I do however do a few healthy things. Take 1 multivitamin and 1 B12 pill with a glass of water Eat a well balanced diet consisting of fruits, grains, etc. Shower and brush my teeth
  6. I love training legs! Lately I've wanted to have massive quads so I do legs twice a week. Oh and clean's are my favorite lift so that's another reason.
  7. Iron Clan Ben, thank you soooo much for the post it means a lot. I don't know if I'll be eating 40lbs of banana's a week, but I'll defiantly up my banana intake too at least 10lbs a week. Right now I only eat about 10 bananas a week. hahah, it'll be interesting to see how this goes!
  8. Two in one! 01/18/12 DB Incline 5x6 -- 65/6 -70/6 - 75/3 - 70/5 - 70/4 - 65/5 DB Row 5x8 -- 75/8 - 75/8 -80/8 - 80/8 - 80/8 Clean 5x5 -- 135/5 - 155/5 - 155/5 - 165/1 (messed up on 2nd rep) - 155/5 Romanian Deadlift 5x8 205/8 - 225/8 - 225/8 - 235/8 - 235/5 Fairly poor lifting day. I wanted to do cleans first but the spot to do them was occupied for about 45 mins unfortunately. That kinda threw my funk off, however I continued anyway. I messed my left wrist up on my set of 165l lbs clean. Food intake for 01/17/12: Calories:3380 (Not ideal, but I had a really busy day at school and work.) Fat: 54g (6.6%) Carbs: 606g (74.6%) Protien: 152g (18.7%) ------------------------------------------ 01/19/12 Overhead tricep extensions 4x8 -- 70/8 - 75/8 - 80/8 - 80/8 Skull Crushers 4x8 -- 80/8 - 90/7 - 90/6 - 90/6 (Always did negatives on the last rep) Reverse grip tricep pressdowns 3x8 -- 100/8 - 110/8 - 110/8 One hand cable curls 4x Failure -- 50/8 - 50/10 - 50/6 - 50/12 One arm towel curls 4x12 (negative on last rep) I super setted the cable curls and towel curls with a friend Circuit DB Curls 35-20lbs 1x10 Walk a lap with 45's in each hand shrugging the corners Abs Today was one of the best workout's I've had in a long time. My friend Ian and I killed it at the gym, we both kept pushing each other non-stop. I'll be surprised if I feel my biceps tomorrow. Finished the workout with a nice Vega protein shake. Food intake for 01/18/12: Calories:3310 (Again, not ideal, however I didn't have any grocery's so I had to manage with what I had. I got more today) Fat: 62.5g (10.3%) Carbs: 447g (73.6%) Protein: 98g (16.1%)
  9. I'm doing the TM in may for mlps and I just started hardcore training this week. You must be more and more excited as the day approaches. Good luck!!! Keep on training.
  10. As far as diet goes I'm now logging what I eat daily and doing calculations with fat/ carbs/ protein. Originally I planned on doing a 80/10/10, but I found I get a lot of protein and can't have that as just 10% of my calories. I'm doing a 70/10/20 now with 3500-4000 calories. However being a college student has proven a challenge since my campus dining hall doesn't provide anything more than a salad bar for vegans and I have a limited budget. I eat mostly oatmeal, rice, lentils, soymilk, pumpkin seeds, bananas, apples, and peanut butter toast. The changes I made in my workout execution are nothing spectacular. I'm simply upping my intensity by cutting down on rest time in between sets. Normally I would do 1-3 mins depending, now I'm going for around 90 seconds for most muscles (except legs). I also recently got into super setting and loved it so I plan on throwing that into my workout soon enough. 01/17/12 One arm tricep overhead extensions 4x8 -- 30/8 - 35/8 - 35/8 - 35/8 Cable tricep pressdowns 4x8 -- 120/8 - 130/8 - 130/8 - 130/7 Kickbacks 4x8 -- 30/8 - 30/8 - 30/8 - 30/8 Preacher Curls 4x8 -- 80/8 - 85/8 - 85/8 - 85/8 Sitting DB curls 4x6 -- 40/6 - 45/5 - 40/6 - 40/6 Cafe raises (on box with dumbbells in hand) 4x25 -- 50/25 - 50/25 - 50/25 - 50/25 Abs Today was an alright workout, I didn't aggravate any old injury's so that's a plus. It was also a relatively short workout compared to what it normally would've been; I got outta the gym in less than 80 mins I think. Yesterday's food intake: Calories: 3730 Fat: 93.5g (11.4%) Carbs: 543g (66%) Protein: 183.5 (22.4%) Weight: 165.3 lbs
  11. I've logged my workouts since February of 2011, but never desired to put it online till recently. This is my second or third time following Derek's workout plan with mostly compound lifts. Even though I never got much for results I'm trying it again with a way smarter diet and plan of execution. 01/16/12 Squat 6x8 -- 235/8 - 235/8 - 250/8 - 250/8 - 255/8 - 255/6 Bench 6x6 -- 135/6 - 155/6 - 155/6 - 165/5 - 165/4 - 160/5 Barbell Row 6x8 -- 115/8 - 135/8 - 135/8 - 140/8 - 140/8 - 140/8 DB Shrugs 5x8 -- 70/8 - 80/8 - 85/8 - 85/8 -85/8 Then in-between my last 3 shrug sets I walked a lap with a 45 in each hand. Stretch Today was a decent workout, a little longer than I originally planned, but it didn't matter too much. My squat seemed really good and even increased a little bit, however my bench seems to be sticking around 165 as far repping goes. The last few months on bench has been a struggle despite alternating increasing/ decreasing bench and alternating DB/ Barbell.
  12. I agree with a 3x12 or a 4x8 set/ rep routine a lot of people could knock that workout out in around 45 mins to an hour. A suggestion though is you could super set a few items of your workout together to give an even greater burn.
  13. The race is called Tough Mudder and the one I'm attending is in May. Yeah, the numbers I was referring to is my weight. I really want to gain more muscle mass as just an overall goal so I would like to be around 180 by May. Thank you for your insight! I will plan my diet accordingly. Now I am just hoping I can get enough all the running I need in and try to gain/ maintain without losing any weight.
  14. Hey-oh! Come Jan I will be doing some intense training to get ready for the mudder in May. Currently I'm trying my hardest to stay above 170. I would like to reach 180 by summer time, but don't know what I should do for this race. Do I consume all the quality calories I can and go for 180? Do I gain for 3 months then cut for 1? Anyone who has any sort of race or diet tips for my sort of situation please help.
  15. Hey-oh! The other day at the gym my friend and I were working out (back and bi's) and had a really intense workout. He suggested we super-set everything, I had no objection and we started to workout. Usually I do a 4x8 of 5 workouts for back and bi's. With this super-set we did 6 exercises of 3x12 (or fail) for back, then 2 exercises of 3x12 (or fail) for arms. Later we did forearms and abs. By the end of the workout we were both out of it and satisfied by a great workout. The next few days I felt really tight and could tell the super-sets did wonders. My question: Does super-setting give a better workout in a shorter amount of time? I'm training for a the mudder and need to up my stamina and strength so I was thinking of doing a mix of super-set workouts for about 10 weeks (5 days a week) then 4 weeks of heavy. Repeat. Suggestions/ criticism welcome.
  16. Like others have said interval training is key. When I was training for a 3 mile run this summer I, at first, would run 6-8 miles and push myself every inch. Then I went reduced my mileage to a 2.2 mile run each time I ran. Overall I found setting a goal like 3 miles in 17 mins or something like that to help.
  17. After reading Vegan Freak I always felt guilty about eating oreos. I try to stay away from eating that crap, but on occasion they aren't terrible.
  18. Usually I never eat the faux meats, but if my parents buy them (normally the vegan boca burgers) I eat them. However, I have noticed they go through me really quick and are not an essential item of my diet. Tofu is something I have on occasion, but normally for my protein I'll go to other foods like nuts and grains.
  19. If this fit into my schedule I would sooo do this. I think this is the best idea I've heard in a long time.
  20. I haven't taken creatine, but I know the basics of what it does to the body. I would suggest increasing your water intake. Creatine increases the amount of water in your muscles so the lactic acids don't build up and make your muscles sore. By increasing your water intake you'll stay hydrated and feeling good. I drink at least 3.5 liters a day so you'll want to drink 4-4.5 at minimum.
  21. I don't know about dehydrating them, but I've found Mung Beans to be quite useful in adding extra protein to ones diet. They're really easy to sprout if you do it right. Takes 3-4 days to do so and then they are ready. 347 cal. 53g carbs, 16g fiber, 24g protein, then a little bit of calcium and sugar, all in 100g (3.5 oz). Granted they don't taste the best, but they aren't wretched either. Hope this helped.
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