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  1. Hello

    MY name is Kelly. I have recently made the switch to vegan


    Attention bodybuilders: If you feel so inclined.. Please help me get started and list your favorite protein sources.

    Where and how you get your protein in..

    I have been living on fruits and vegetables for the past month - It's been great but I need more protein and besides black bean, nuts, soy milk.. I'm at a loss lol

    What the hell is hemph protein, pea protein? Can I get these at Vitamin World or

    What about soy protein shakes..


    Help me with suggestions to replace my "pure protein shakes" with ________________________?

    My chicken with _______________________?

    My eggs with __________________________?

    My fish with ___________________________?


    if you can give me answers I'll be all set!!

    What about suppliments?



    Thank you in advance for anyone that can spare the time to respond..

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