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  1. You're in good shape mate. Looking at your numbers you could pack a bit on your lower body.


    Hey thanks! Yea I do definitely need add to my legs. I have been hitting them hard but haven't yet had an increase in size, but I know they will come around. I have always had small legs.....well pretty much small everything as you can see in my photos. I just really need to put my focus on them. Thanks again!


    Sorry RawOne, I'm not trying to hijack your thread...


    Not a problem, I would like to here what peoples response to this is too.

  2. Damn.! You went from a skinny 155 to a BEEFY 190 to a freaking lean & muscular vascular 175.


    Please.. post your

    - Diet Plan

    - Workout Routine etc.


    I think I could really use it.


    Hey thanks! For my diet I eat every 2-3 hours and 3 is stretching it. Let me just say this diet plan has been working for me and may not be for everyone. This is what my diet has been looking like presently.


    Upon waking I always have lemon water to cleanse my liver before the day. I also have lemon of apple cider vinegar throughout the day, which cleanses the body.


    1-In the morning I have a large fruit smoothie with other goodies, make it about 800 calories.


    2-Later I will have couple pieces of fruit with Spirulina algae and Flax oil, about 550 cals.


    3-Then a large salad with olive oil/applecidervinegar dressing with some raisins or dried figs and almonds, 500 cals


    4-I have my post workout shake in there too. I might make some people mad but I use raw honey (which is only organic and locally produced) Honey just has a correct ratio of dextrose and fructose or fast and slow absorbing sugars, which you need after a workout to replenish your glycogen stores. Also Himalayan Pink Salt (for electrolyte replacement), Rice Protein, Spirulina algae, and some other stuff. I can go more into detail if people would like. Anyway it is around, 740 calories about 42 oz of water, 90g carbs and 50g protein.


    5-Later I will have 2 servings of pumpkin seed with a scoop of rice protein with a few pieces of fruit. (I actually grind the seeds into a powder and mix it with water and drink, very easy time saver) about 500 cals.


    6-I'll have some guacamole with my home made dehydrated flax chips. A serving of Rice protein with carob powder. about 650 cals.


    7-I'll have another serving of pumpkin seeds, rice protein, and fruit. 500 cals


    8-And usually another salad before I go to sleep or I've been having almond butter and rice protein shake with some dried figs.


    These aren't totally in a specific order. I can break it down into macro-nutrients if people would like. I also make green juices too, with my Green Star. Eating specifically 120g of pumpkin seeds you are getting 642mg of Magnesium, 1409mg of Phosphorus, 968mg of Potassium. I also take Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses everyday for its 344mg of Calcium per 2 tbsp, Manganese, Iron and many more which are all really important when bodybuilding.


    Well for my workout regime, this is it in a simplified form.

    It is called Max-OT:

    1. Train only 1 or 2 muscle groups per workout/day.

    2. Do 4 to 6 reps per set.

    3. Do 6 to 9 total heavy sets per muscle group.

    4. Rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets. (STR)

    5. Each workout should last approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

    6. Train each muscle group once every 5 to 7 days. (ITR)

    7. Take a 1 week break from training every 8 to 10 weeks.

    www.ast-ss.com is where I found it, check it out!


    Here is a sample:



    Incline Barbell Bench Press 3sets 4 to 6reps

    Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 2sets 4 to 6reps

    Decline Barbell Bench Press 1sets 4 to 6reps


    Cable Rope Crunches 3sets 10 to 12reps

    Incline Crunches (weighted) 2sets 8 to 10reps


    This doesn't include a warm-up which is 5 sets and they don't count as your muscle building sets. The warm-up I broke down in percentages of your 100% 4-6 rep weight. Here is a sample of my warm-up. I find doing it this specific way you can lift more than normal.


    WARM-UP: Chest

    First Set:

    100 x 12 reps (warm-up) 47.4%

    Second Set:

    100 x 10 reps (warm-up) 47.4%

    Third Set:

    140 x 6 reps (warm-up) 65%

    Fourth Set:

    170 x 3 reps (weight acclimation) 79%

    Fifth Set:

    190 x 1 rep (weight acclimation) 89.5%

    Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Sets:

    215 x 4 to 6 reps (muscle-building) 100%


    Well thats a bunch of info and I hope that this can work for you, if anyone has any questions at all don't hesitate to ask. Anyone with input, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks all!

  3. WOW, Everyone thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!! I can't thank you enough!

    This really gets me motivated to work really hard, it's nice to here people say such nice comments. Bodybuilding I believe one of the biggest parts is are mind set, "it's all in the mind". I just stay focused on how I want to be and look. And that's what we will become.

  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I would like to post my pictures. I'm a raw food vegan and have been for nearly a year. Last year in January I started weight lifting hard and went from weighing 155lbs to 195lbs mid summer. This was eating a standard American diet. Then I got really into the depths of nutrition and went vegetarian to vegan then finally to all raw. During the winter I lost a ton of weight and muscle and weighed down to 160lbs, which was like a detox faze. I have started back up and I'm now weighing 175lbs and going. So here is the link to my photos, thanks for any comments and critiques.


    My Photos

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