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    check this website , it's great, u won't regret it http://www.nomeatathlete.com/vegetarian-protein-primer/
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    oh, you have lots of choices: quinoa : u can find it in any health store, cooked just like rice.has great minerals,magnesium potassium (so its great for working out) and is rich in protein you have all the types of bean/legumes: white,red,black,soybean rich in protein and fiber !! brown rice,buckwheat,burgul. green peas. broccoli is the best of all greens. eat it as much as you can. cereals are'nt bad too: check high protein cereals for breakfast. you can find some brands with 12 g protein per serving. those are really good. soy milk is the best between the almond/rice milks (vegan milks). you can always cook soy "meat" and have them with beans or peas.that would be a great lunch. you can get your protein intake which is 1.2 g/kg of body weight while eating grains,legumes,and soy. if not you can use theprotein powders, but im not expert in that area. i can help you with nutrition as much as u want
  3. hello, I'm Didi, i'm a girl who wishes to get a very toned&lean body, specially abs muscles. i've been vegan, but couldn't go raw! i'm exploring the fruitarian lifestyle now & really hoping to adopt it!!! mainly because i'm having a bloated lower abdomen everytime i eat. and it really disturbs me, because i workout to get a tight abs. so i was wondering anyone fruitarian here?? maybe help me with getting starting with it?? and i study nutrition&dietetics, this is my 4th and last university year!! i play ping pong, i do weight training only 3 times a week. thank you
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