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  1. How exotic of you " title="Applause" /> I can't recall my last experience eating meat, but I did take a girl to a restaurant for a first date thing, specifically asked for no cheese in the pasta, but they still put it in there, I didn't want to ask them to take it back, so I just held back on saying anything and took a bite. It was tasty sure, but the image of a muddy cow boob being exploited to the fullest extent made me spit my bite into my napkin, so I just enjoyed the glass of iced water. At least I didn't have any straggling pieces of food in my teeth while talking with her .
  2. Original life cereal with very vanilla soysilk, and a small handful of raisins! If you haven't tried it you are missing out.
  3. I have been tried both ways. I find that working out first is more effective, then hit the elliptical machine/treadmill for 30-60 minutes. Here is an explanation.
  4. I love metal.. Dragonforce is alright Herman Li ruuules. I discovered this band a few weeks ago, and I am thoroughly impressed by them. Though they are a little brutal for most folk. http://www.myspace.com/thefaceless
  5. Hello VBB community! I am Mike. Vegetarian for a year, vegan since 5/31/07. I stopped consuming dairy products three days after I found this site and frequently browsed through pages of all of the great benefits, not only for the animals, but for me as well. Getting a good body is priority for me right now, I am 6'1" and 136 pounds.. I lost 50 pounds 4 months after I quit eating meat, and fatty products. The pounds have stayed off.. Now it is time for me to tone my body into shape, to perhaps inspire people that you do not have to have cruelty in your daily diet to be fit, and strong. I am eighteen years old, usually awake during the night, I enjoy getting to know people, baths/hot tubs, and my dog "Ming Mei the Shar Pei".
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