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  1. Ciao! Come mai esiliata? Non deve essere brutto il Quèbec paesaggisticamente parlando
  2. That's why I consider ZONE a good diet but not an healthy lifestyle
  3. The zone goal is also to be healthy as i've read it I don't consider quite healthy a diet that give milk and his derivates an high value
  4. I live in the north Italy 40 miles from Milan and 20 from Swiss so we don't have many sun too Where do you leave?
  5. I live in near Varese in the northen Italy 40 miles from Milan. Have you even been in Italy?
  6. I'd like to know what's your usual breakfast for having a starting boost of mental function and not yawing all the morning. Nowday I'm taking Tea with honey and 2 toasts with marmelade with no added sugars. Thanks
  7. Hi everybody first of all I've got to say that I'm not vegetarian but I think that in this forum there're many good tips and recepies for controlling my weight. My name is Francesco and I live in Italy. I'm 28 and for the majority of these years I was obese or overweight even if I was used to sports since childhood. My great passion is tennis and from the last 3 years I've added swimming. Now I'm 63 kg for 1.71 cm high in the last 10 month I've lost 16 kg. My great gola is to lose the final extra fat from my lower abdomen in order to have the pectolars outer than the abs. It would be my dream
  8. Thanks for the reply I was worried to stop eating my amounts of fruit now that I succeded in substituting biscuits,ice creams and all of these stuffs with the pleasant taste of a raw fruit
  9. I'd like to know your thoughts about the ZONE DIET by Dr Sears if it works or it's the same having a diet with a little bit of wisdom. I've got to say that I'm not vegetarian (really can't afford it) but I belive that most vegans have a more critic and wise approach to nutrion than other people. I've always wanted to perfom the ZONE but the more I read about it the more questions arose in my mind that prevented me to make it. For example when I read his books and he talks about what type of food is better or not just on the basis of their amount of proteins, carbos and fats but never condidering what additives they contains. For example Bresaola it's considered a good choice despite the fact that 99% of it contain Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate that are majors cause of gatric cancer. He also consider that milk, yogurt and some tipe of chees are good choices never condidering that 3/4 of the world population is intollerant to lactose and and for this it would be better considering lactosee tolerance the disease rather than the inollerance. For these reasons I'm very confused about this diet and I'd like to know your thoughts. Sorry if the language it's full of grammar errors but I'm Italian
  10. I'm 28 and 1,71 cm and for the majority of my life I've been obese or overweight. At 16 I was 90 then lost 20 kg but during this years gradually I've gained all the fat that I've losed and arrived just below 80 kg even swimming everyday and playing tennis. Then last august I've started weight training but more important I've changed shat I've used to eat. I've reduced lipids, sweetes like ice cream and biscuits and eating more fruit (before I wasn't used to eat it) and vegetables Now I'm 63 kg but with some fat in the lower abs region. My dilemma comes from the conclusion that for losing that final fat I've got to lose weight but I don't want to go lower than 63. I'd like to gain 3-5 kg of muscle that would be perfect for swim and have a plain abdomen. Should I have to make a choice or is it possible to gain some muscle and losinbg that years long fat? Thanks
  11. Don't the watermelons have an high glicemic index that cause an high insulin response? I love them eating 600 gr the night but stopped whan I've read the glicemic index story.
  12. Ok but at this point even if fructose what one sholud be eating? I'm reading everything poossible about diets and nutrion but the more I learn the more I discover that virtually everything can makes you fat and lean at the same time according to the variuos scientists.
  13. I just want to gain weight slowly and not lose muscle so I think that 1g per kg should be ok. Thanks a lot
  14. In many papers and book (even medical) I've read that for an athlete the amount of protein a day must be between 1,5-2g per kg of weight but I've also read that we are eating too much proteins in modern life. Can someone explain what's the right amuont of proteins to take for not losing and increase muscle mass. Thanks I'm newbie and don't know how to start a vegan nutrition
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