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  1. I keep a daily journal of my training and nutrition at http://www.howardsplantpower.blogspot.com. Your comments are welcome, either here or on my blog. I am a 69 yo male. I weigh 167 and am 5'10". I cross train between weight training and cycling.
  2. I'll be 70 next March. I have been a vegan following a whole food plant-based diet, ala Joel Fuhrman, MD, since 2007. Before that I was a traditional vegetarian for 25 years. I have worked out regularly all my life. I was a runner for many years, then switched to cycling about 30 years ago. Occasionally I would get into strength training. About five years ago I started strength training rather seriously, using the Frank Zane 3 way splint routine -- Day 1 Back/Shoulders/Chest, Day 2 Lower Body, Day 3 Triceps/Biceps/Forearms. When doing the strength routine I would work out 3 or 4 times per week. Three years ago I broke my hip and femur in a cycling accident and used my home gym for a major part of the rehab after major orthopedic surgery. I gravitated back to cycling, but now as I approach my 70th birthday, I am starting to do more strength workouts. My theory in increasing my bodybuilding routine and decreasing (but not eliminating my cycling) is that as I get older I need to concentrate on muscle preservation and bone strength. I am back doing the Zane 3 way split routine, this time 3 times per week. I do Back/Shoulders/Chest on Tuesday, Lower Body on Thursday, and Arms on Saturday. I will intersperse my cycling on the days off from the weight room. I have a well equipped home gym and can cover all the body parts with free weights, dumbells, and some machines including the Frank Zane Leg Blaster, which is a terrific device for squats, calf raises and lunges. I am anxious to share information regarding bodybuilding with other forum members, especially folks moving into the latter years. If all goes well, I am hoping to continue bodybuilding routines for many years.
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