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  1. Yeah, it's only taken me like 3 years :/ Just realised I'm wearing the same sports bra. It was new when I got it... Kinda needing replacement now
  2. True. Good advice. I'm just gettin impatient I suppose. I'm keen on HIIT. Sprints? Are there any other ideas?
  3. I find myself here again. Seeking motivation. Ready to sort out my diet and strip some fat. My problem area is still my legs. I've developed a lot of muscle, but they're hidden under fat. What's the best way to cut fat ASAP? :/
  4. I don't feel like I do much for abs, they've only gotten better since I've upped all my weights and started eating better. But otherwise I'll do maybe this 3 times a week: 30x Bum ups (legs up and lift your butt off the floor) 3 x 30 crunches 15 oblique crunches Planks I find consciously engaging my core through all exercises helps immensely too I'm about to do a 7 day raw food detox, hopefully that'll help me out a bit
  5. I've been in a bit of a blergh place... Cardio is awful at the moment, diet could be much better, but strength and flexibility are improving. I took a sneaky ab pic in the loo during circus class
  6. Hey y'all! I do have many goals... On a good day I've got a mad six pack...then I eat breakfast I'm wanting to up all my weights, ive been doing circus workshops, so have many things id like to achieve: working on the splits both ways (nearly there), being able to do at least 10 pull/chin ups (currently at 3), be able to hold a hand stand etc. I've thoroughly enjoyed my journey and just want to keep getting stronger, fitter, hotter (), more flexible and be the best I can be. It's becoming winter here and I hate it! I feel the old so much and am hungry allllll the time. I figure I'm going to get a little more cushion for the pushin' over these colder months and then shed it come spring
  7. Last time I checked it was 19.8%. But I don't know how accurate that was because it was just on a set of scales... Just over a year ago it was 27%.
  8. Sorry about my lack of reply... I have felt great. But then again, I've had lots of other changes in my life that could attribute to my newly found happiness, so I guess I can't really pin point it. I've really wanted to stay off it, but for obvious reasons need to go back on it:( really don't want to, but at least I will be able to see if it has an effect on me... I'll keep you posted!
  9. Diet ok: Brekky: Large glass of water with glutamine on rising Cup of black tea with soy milk Usually tofu, veggie sausages or tempeh with veggies (mushrooms, tomato, kale or spinach) Green tea Morning tea: Salad with some form of veggie protein (burger, patty, tofu, beans or something) or a salad wrap Green tea Lunch: Raw nuts Hummus and crackers Apple Afternoon tea: Black Tea Rice crackers with avocado Dinner: Currently living at home so whatever is going, usually lots of veggies and some form of protein I'm starting to lose my appetite, which is good and bad. I used to be able to out eat all my family members, but since I've lost weight and am more careful about my food choices my stomach had shrunk a lot and it's often hard to eat enough. I try to snack every 2 hours even if its a small handful of almonds.
  10. Yeah, didn't feel too comfortable about putting pics of me with my shirt off on the interwebs...
  11. Been busy working my butt off and eating super clean. Abs are looking good, but still am not happy with my legs. I want them leaner and more muscular.. They seem just large at the moment. Any tips for improving them? I currently do: Dead lifts Hamstring curls Quad lifts(? I don't know what they're called, the opposite to hamstring curls) Hack squats Lunges Calf raises Do about 3 set of 8-10 reps on all the above, with a challenging weight
  12. Hey C.O. I've really changed my eating habits so think that has helped me out a lot, also going off the pill and getting more active... I go to the gym maybe twice a week, do a martial arts once a week, play touch football once a week and other days go for a walk or do something fun/active. Really enjoying having the energy and getting to see some results I'm just going to keep working on it; trying new things and enjoying life
  13. Sorry to hear about your father, but glad to hear that you are taking charge of your future and that you have joined the forum! Welcome
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