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  1. I've been benched (so to speak) for about a month now due to back to back injuries. Both injuries aggravated my sciatica in the most horrible manner. It got so bad this past week that I literally didn't stand up straight for about five days. Fortunately, being a massage therapy student means being surrounded by massage therapists. I had one of my instructors do some work on my back. Although it was excruciating, it worked. Friday was the first day I was able to stand straight for more than a minute. It gradually improved yesterday, and today's yoga session helped even more. I'm hoping to get back to my training schedule. As a result of my back injury, I've decided I've had it with that trainer. He's a nice guy and all, but being that he's so heavily booked and sought after, I can't trust him to give me enough attention to realize or remember that my back is in no shape for certain exercises. It's a lot stronger than it once was, but not strong enough to be pushed the way it has been. This year has been an emotional roller coaster, and the body transformation deal has not helped in that. Sometimes I just want to quit and say "the hell with this", but I know I won't be happy with myself in the long run. I still want to wear that bikini. Anyway, here are some recent shots of me. http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g240/sweetopiate/Rae/Oct_14_06a.jpg October 14th. I'm most proud of how well my legs are coming along. I just hope when I get back to training the rest of me will follow lol! http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g240/sweetopiate/Oct_29c.jpg October 29th. Another opportunity to show off my legs. http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g240/sweetopiate/Oct_29_Rae.jpg October 29th. A photo taken by a friend's father in his home studio. Yes, I was Cleopatra for this Halloween party.
  2. Just a bit of a preview... http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g68/vegannoise/Bodywork/ssu_b_back.jpg Before. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g68/vegannoise/Bodywork/SSU_a_back.jpg After. Still have so much work to do. Just like last contest, I didn't get the opportunity to start most of my work until the last few weeks. It's pretty depressing, but next summer, I'll look back at this point and smile.
  3. Pros 1. I've got the best trainer in the gym. 2. He was patient and positive. 3. He's got years of experience. 5. He actually had me work on my back, but was pretty careful about it. Cons 1. He didn't take my measurements or body composition!!! 2. He didn't have me warm up before our short-ass session! 3. He made me work out my lower body despite the fact I mentioned working on it the day before. My quads feel burned out. 6. He kept calling Racine instead of Rachael. And after explaining to him that it's pronounced "Ray-Shell" he insisted on pronouncing it "Ray-Chul". I know that seems petty, but wtf, it's my name for cryin' out loud!!! 7. I HAD TO SHARE MY SESSION WITH SOME OTHER CHICK!!! This, by far, was what pissed me off the most. She was nice and all, but we paid for a PERSONAL trainer. If I want to do group sessions, I'll take a class at the gym. Though part of me wants to give it one more shot, I'm thinking of just going to the gym I frequent on the weekdays and just going to the North Brunswick one for my friend's yoga class during the weekend because yesterday just felt silly.
  4. _raVen_, thanks so much. Right now I'm just trying to increase my vegetable and fruit intake. I'm eating less [white] rice, but other than that, nothing's really set in stone yet. I'm waiting to see what my trainer says. I'm very worried that he's going to push the whole fish and lean meats thing on me.
  5. Thanks so much Robert. I'm trying really hard. Yesterday's workout was a bit slow. I just did twenty-one minutes on the eliptical, as well as few sets on the ab crunch and torso rotary. I'm thinking today I'll do lower body again because I'm banking on my trainer attacking those areas later this week.
  6. Weight Lost: 1 lbs. Inches Lost: .25" in the thighs. Other Accomplishments: -Began replacing soda with water yet again. -Made it to the gym 6 out of 7 days this week. -Began weight training. -Got a personal trainer; my first session is this coming Friday. -I'm just 10 lbs. away from reaching Goal #2, and I'm fighting to stay motivated. I know it's not a huge deal, but something is something.
  7. Thanks. I'm taking my break on Friday. Saturday will probably be racquet ball or just cardio, and Sunday will definitely be yoga. Monday through Thursday is butt-kicking cardio and weight training. Or at least that's how the schedule looks right now.
  8. Three out of four days at the gym this week so far. Not bad. Sunday was yoga, Tuesday was lower body, and Wednesday was upper body. I think Thursday will be both. I'll be sure to post details later.
  9. Thanks. Yep! I'm back on track. I get pissed at myself for falling off in the first place, but no sense in crying over spilt [soy]milk, lol.
  10. I've lost track in the worst way, but I'm back on it. Splenda, my wonderful little ratty friend, passed away. She was only with me for a brief period of time, but in that time she touched my heart. I'll miss her. With school and life on my back, I just lost track of myself. My wonderful boyfriend was awesome and generous enough to get me a gym membership. I took a yoga class yesterday, and it kicked my butt! I feel so sore and wonderful today lol! I've decided that I'm not going to focus on size 6 110 lbs. bikini body goals. I'll be happy enough to get to 160 lbs. at this point. It sucks to be one of the few vegans of size that I know, but it won't be the case forever. Anyway, I wanted to share a photo. It's not a whole lot of difference, but I feel that something about me is different. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g68/vegannoise/Bodywork/august28_d.jpg
  11. Thanks. I definitely will. I'm glad you enjoy it. I plan on keeping it up to date more frequently this time around. Thanks for the quote; it's very good advice.
  12. Starting Stats July 1 Weight: 191 lbs Chest: 38" Arms: 13" Waist: 37.5" Hips: 43" Thighs: 23" Motto: "This time, it's personal." http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g68/vegannoise/Bodywork/ssu_b_side.jpg[/b]
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