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  1. I'm going to explore that website further once my old supplies of Vega are exhausted. I definitely won't be by the new Vega Sport Performance Protein formula anymore. To terrible a product now to be worth the money they charge. If I can budget sunwarrior I'll try it out.
  2. Last I checked only the Vega Sport changed. They recommend I mix their other products with the sport. If I'm gonna have to mix my own protein I'm not paying a premium for Vega Sport thank you very much.
  3. Those macros are pretty easy on 2000 calories you just have to mix the right proportion of powders, and foods to get it. I use myfitnesspal.com to track stuff you can play around with things you know you'll eat and quantities to achieve your goal. Just take from this list above and plan accordingly.
  4. How do you find the digestability of that mix. I've spoiled myself with vega sport for years and now that their mix is essentially just Pea and Rice I find it's destroying my stomach. Do you add anything else?
  5. Vega Sport doesn't use hemp anymore. Terrible on the stomach.
  6. I'm not sure. The new Vega One is pretty good I'll have to look into it. But it's vitamin supplement not a straight protein like the Vega Sport which is needed.
  7. Awesome! Keep the feedback coming!!! And get in touch with them. If they can't use hemp because of Informed Choice why not Pumpkin Protein??? Sadly I will be switching to a different brand once the old formula is off the shelves... Until Vega Sport is back up to snuff that is.
  8. Will do as soon as I get a chance I'll copy my average day over. I have a few set meals that give 3000 or so calories a high calorie cereal I mix, a lasagne I bake for 5 days every Sunday and a series of small breakfast snacks as I work to early to cook before leaving for the day (my cereal is a lunch thing.)
  9. I'm a huge fan of Vega and take the sport protein everyday. They just changed the formula and took the Hemp Protein out so it could be certified by Informed Choice. Why hemp is so bad even as a Straight Edger I don't understand. But they didn't replace it with something comparable like Pumpkin Protein. Instead it's a thicker chalkier mess... The old one went down so easy. As a huge fan and user of their products I feel screwed over. My stomach is even having a hard time. The price isn't even cheaper though the Brown Rice and Pea Protein they upped the content of costs less. I think they ruined a perfect product. Any thoughts??? Been a while since I posted but this made me angry. If you agree please write them http://myvega.com/contact they could have at least replaced the hemp protein with something comprable. On another note I'm 205lb now I think 25 or so pounds heavier than the last time I posted. -Stacy
  10. I'm gassing up a car right now on my way home from a big Vegan Christmas feast. We laughed about the idea of getting charcoal active underwear. Anybody know where to get some to try? Also are they small or like a diaper?
  11. Gunning for 4500 calories 50/25/25. It's a chore sometimes though.
  12. Daiya is the best! Don't bother with other Vegan Cheeses. And tofurky pretty much tastes like delicious. My favorite is the italian sausage (29 grams of protein in one sausage!)
  13. I use it every morning, I usually only do one scoop (I eat enough to get all my vitamins and minerals) do two scoops if I miss a day. I don't bother with any flavor but berry, I mix it with two cups of fruit juice (white grape juice lately), a cup of frozen berries and another protein powder of choice Vega Sport or Vegan Proteins + or Harmonized Vegan Protein. Mix it with fruit and you are good to go. I even throw in a cup of frozen spinach from time to time.
  14. 23 grams of fat??? damn, I dont think I've never eaten that much fat in one meal. That's not that much fat. Heck I get more from two tablespoons of Omega 3 Flax oil. I'm bulking right now and eating anywhere from 100-200 grams of fat a day.
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