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  1. Absolutely right!! Some of the many animal ingredients in vaccines are: monkey puss, pig/horse urine, eggs, blood (from various animals).... to name a few. As far as exemptions - Yes, IL. has a religious and medical exemptions. (we used to live there) here is a link for more info on that https://www.nvic.org/state-site/state-exemptions.htm http://www.vaclib.org/basic/tb.htm (a great info resource) this particular vaccine is quite connected with various forms of lupus as well.. anyway.... hope that helps!
  2. so... what are you asking exactly? Is this a question about a company's reputation? Or - are you asking if anyone here would recommend a protein powder that isn't vegan?
  3. i don't know about that - but i DO know that you could start by just not using the products .... things like that cause your body to have a dependancy on them.... my friend's mom used to work for H & S, and that is their gameplan. After all - if it really *kicked* dandruff... people would use it and be done - and that would be bad for business. If you want to kick dandruff - stop washing/treating your hair so often, and check your diet. If your ph or alkalinity is off, your sebhorric glands will respond accordingly... but if you must treat the symptom, there are herbal ways to do it! And, there are a lot of cruelty free toothpastes - Natures Gate is my favorite. hope that helps!
  4. did you figure anything out? we are free this morning; although i know that doesn't give much time to plan
  5. sounds good! just let me know! ... i don't even have hand weights; i pretty much depend on isometrics! .....and i need to reserve you for a 2 hr. session.... REALLY BAD!
  6. wow! he would be very interested! Feel free to message me more details!
  7. thanks for all the welcomes! but to let you all know, - we'd love to say hey to everyone, but we won't be at the vacation! I am due July 31st... and i just dont think that would be smart!
  8. that's funny! 2 hrs of lifting and 2 hrs of cardio! with two little boys and one more coming?? i wish.....that would be amazing!! i am lucky if i can get 30 min of strength training in uninterrupted!
  9. yeah, i am having no problems with biking... only thingthat is getting rough is leaning forward and having my legs bumping my belly I feel strong as far as biking goes (in fact, i am excited to see how well i do *after* the baby is born!) so, my frustration is that i AM strong - but in that particular area, i would like to LOOK like the muscle that is in there - is actually there!! not trying to be vain - but if you you work your body (for whatever reason) it feels good and rewarding to be able to SEE your results. KNow what i mean?
  10. Okay - so i am quite fit and pleased with how my pregnancy is going. I am not obsessed w/ excersize and i am not trying to keep myself from gaining weight. ( just had to preface with that because i need you to know what my real goals are, you know? ) I am biking a lot and doing strength/toning excersizes. I *know* that my hips are expanding and that my legs kinda have to "fill in" to meet up with my hips. BUT does the skin and "muscle" have to be so flubby? How do i work that area that outlines the top of the thigh? you know - along and around your leg at your underwear line? ( i call it the "leg spare tire" ) It is getting very frustrating!
  11. I gotta say - abstinance is *not* always the answer. Come on folks.... beliefs aside - this is a good question! NEEM LEEF go to the sister zeus website - they will tell you all about it. Like, the pill, you do have to be faithful with it and give it a few weeks to get into your system. Here are the best parts: *MEN - can take it as their "pill" pressure on the ladies!! (what my dh did!) for this you use neem leaf powder. *WOMEN - same as above! - also Neem SEED oil is a great spermacide.... but it DOES NOT smell good... some add lavender oil to it... but..... we went with the man pill! *BOTH - NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS! you want to get preg? just stop doing it... AND, no sexual side effects! A PLUS - It is a great immunity enhancer! But, you better watch out! It's the pharmaceutical company's enemy - so don't expect your dr. to recommend or support it!
  12. I friend of mine is a trainer. And he once told me that when working out it is best to do muscle strength/weights etc... first, and THEN cardio. Like - biking, running, swimming.... He said it has to do with muscle memory and exhaustion - that muscles retain the strength better in that order. He also said that most don't do it this way, and that is why you see a lot of athletes who are always working out but are still flabby. Anyone have input on this? Thanks!
  13. yeah - we know loveliberate and they told us about you! We'd love to meet! ROBERT: We would love to hook up and meet; I wanted you to know that we have the VF DVD, and Micah (my 4yo) *really* wants to meet the "man with the muscles"... So, we asked if he wanted muscles like that, and he said, "Um..... no.... just him."
  14. you could also try staying away from too many starchy things: pasta/potatos/breads.... we tend to eat too much of these things, and they end up expanding once in your stomach from absorbing water/acids, which causes your stomach to expand.... with an expanded stomach you think you are hungrier more often and need more to fill a bigger hole. try making more green smoothies. very filling - but digest easy and don't expand.. plus it will increase your energy! ..... and you may need more tp!
  15. WOW! that's really cool! also - there's "beauty without cruelty" i like their stuff.....
  16. through a little un-needed coaxing from friends, ....... here i am! I am a young mom to two boys, and expecting my 3rd at the end of july. I have been married for 5 years and love my family to pieces. We practice natural family living - proud to support breastfeeding, natural immunity, natural childbirth, and family bed!! We have been vegan for over 2 years and are thriving - My kids are 100% amazingly healthy! My almost 4 year old prefers a bowl of salad over treats - and THAT i like to brag about! We prefer to bike commute and i am still actively biking 10 - 15 miles/day and doing yoga at 33 weeks pregnant! So - yeah - i consider myself an athlete! My husband is studying to be a nutritional consultant - he plans to have a practice that specializes in vegan nutrition - i think he knows everything! thats us in a nutshell.... nice to meet you all!
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