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  1. cissus quadrangularis actually works, give it a shot
  2. they are in the mock-meat section of any health food store. tempeh is fermented soy--the healthiest, most digestible form of soy out there seitan is wheat gluten, and is very high in protein and resembles the texture of meat
  3. Hey, Eating a lot of nutritious food is the absolute most important thing in the beginning. I learned this the hard way. For about a year I was on this raw/vegetable thing where I thought I could just eat very clean and raw and body build and get big. But my weight only went down. After changing my diet around and adding lots of oats, rice, tempeh, pb & j, etc... within a month or two months I was able to put on about 20 pounds of almost pure muscle. That was a major breakthrough. And since then everything is just about *eat lots of good food and workout your muscles* Don't need any special trendy routine... just make sure you work out all your muscles every week. And make sure your macros for food are ample and steady. good luck!
  4. i usually throw some mudvayne, in flames, soulfly, and born of osiris into my workouts--gives me a nice extra boost
  5. I would think the advantage is just that meat eaters can get calories requirements much easier, where as we would have to eat much more. I don't think their protein is "better".
  6. wow, your progress is awesome. What do you eat on a typical day?
  7. you can get sprouted brown rice protein for a good price with nutribiotic brown rice protein. good taste and quality. I like the sun warrior and health force products a lot too, but they are just far to expensive imo here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00014DLC4/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=
  8. i know that some people are big on digestive enzymes.. could check that out
  9. o cool thx for the heads up found them http://www.foodforlife.com/product-catalog/gluten-free-and-wheat-free/gluten-and-wheat-free/breads
  10. Does anyone know if there is gluten free vegan bread available at wholefoods/some other natural store? Rudis has gluten free, but has eggs in it... Ezekiel is vegan but has gluten. I've recently been noticing that I have a large drop in energy and motivation after eating oats/gluten.. and Need to investigate further. Currently I eat Ezekiel.. but would like to try dropping that. Thanks
  11. maybe add 1/2 tbs psyllium husk powder twice a day to your diet. this could help, have you tried it? edit:
  12. i've heard about this too and am interested in it.. such a nutritious plant with its seeds and protein powder.. I can only imagine that juicing has very good properties but we wont know for sure until its full legal.. someday and to those who are uneducated and thinks this gets you high... it does nothing of the sort
  13. go get a small coffee grinder and throw in a serving of oats...grind it to a powder. Shake it with some protein powder--quick easy way to consume lots of calories... and its basically a meal but from what ive heard the downside is that you don't get any digestive enzymes from chewing... so it would be best to throw couple scoops of digestive enzyme to try and help. might be the downside to anything u throw in the blender
  14. the bottom line is: wheatgrass is nutritionally very good for humans -its not going to heal you, or cure your disease. -its not some miracle food -the thing its going to do for you is...not hurt you. your body is the only thing that will heal itself, and as long as your not putting bad stuff in your body, it will heal. so really, having a shot first thing in the morning is probably one of the best things nutritionally you can do its roughly the equivalent of having 2-3 pounds of fresh vegetables in one 2 ounce shot
  15. I think if you go raw the core of the diet needs to be tons and tons of sprouts and tons of leafy greens. If you look in nature, most of the strongest animals on the planet eat nothing but grasses, sprouts, moss and other greens. Animals like moose and gorillas are packed with hundreds of pounds of muscle... and all they eat are greens. Most of us humans have so much sludge and gunk in our intestines from eating stuff that shouldn't qualify as food--that our bodies have become almost completely unable to effectively absorb these nutrients from greens. Also, From what I've learned, I don't think eating tons of fruit is that healthy, our bodies do not need that much sugar. Around 15% of the diet is more than enough to be eaten as fruit. And going raw doesn't mean you are 100% raw. This isn't necessary. Getting the benefits of eating raw is not a quick process, your body needs to clean itself out and DETOX. There are ways to speed up the process though..
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