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  1. Well, for feeling of well being that leaves you in the body, health building I'm building .. each training day is like putting a brick and each brick is another day of general welfare, and to feel good about myself and make the blind see not want to see that not eating meat can create meat! greetings! ^ ^
  2. Welcome luck with your vegan journey, we have it safe!
  3. I do not think you have to eat low fat, I go about my daily diet for my 80-90g just 61kg and I cover, all goods from plant sources like nuts, sesame, soy, olive oil, flax etc. .. and I simply avoid going great in pre-breakfast and post workout in which HC and dominated distribution in the other 3 meals + protein and green vegetables while avoiding or reducing carbohydrates. Sorry if the translation is not very good, I'm Spanish, greetings!
  4. Thank you very much for the answer! imaginava and it was almost impossible, muscle definition unnatural andreas is awesome, again thank you very much for the reply, greetings from Spain!
  5. Hello I would like saver if indeed it is exclusively frugivorous, looking much information on it and find nothing in his blog does not claim to be exclusively frugivorous and other magazines but I assure you, it is true that you can be like this solely with the fruitarian diet?? injected testosterone? has a volume and definition unnatural ..
  6. hello, introduce myself, soi Spanish, so sorry if my translation into English is not very good. after a while and derek robert leyebdo on and decided to register because you get to contact would be very great and very helpful, I am a vegetarian since age 16 or so, I have 23 not been a strict vegetarian and all this time because of the doubts that assailed me at first at some stage decided to eat some meat ((little)), had no knowledge I have today, use some whey protein and an occasional egg because I did not find where to buy hemp protein, used to weigh 54-56kg, 3 months ago I got serious about training and diet issue and 59-60kg weight now I measure 165cm and I want to keep going up till 70kg or so, I would love to contact you because I'm still with many questions and you can help me to finally be 100% vegan, one of my concerns is the consumption of spirulina, I want to take, but no maximum or minimum amounts that should take etc. .. advanced gracis good to all who read me! greeting people!
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