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  1. Utter garbage IMO. Thankfully I downloaded it from TPB.
  2. You could also try adding some refined carbohydrate also. I guess people tend to cleave them out because they're regarded as the beta noir, but if you're trying to add weight, they should do the job. 1000 calories is very, very low....esssentially that figure is generally reserved for calorie deficit diets. I mean factor in that you're doing daily cardio and other training, it's insane really. I'd go up to around 2000 calories at least, possibly more. good luck lj
  3. I'd like to say that having listened to a few of your songs, I'm very impressed...love the harmonics section on blurry blue especially ( chord progression on keys is similar to one the in the Mr bungle song retro vertigo). Its beautiful (Love that blues lick as well). Songs have a post rock/ambient flavor to them, which just so happens to be right up my alley. I generally don't find much to like in the world of music by..aspiring artists, but I thought every song I listened to was great. My only criticism is that these songs are rather linear, but I don't believe this detracts from them in any way; I just want more of the same. I would buy one of your records. Totally. So good to hear some music that isn't drowned in distortion--kudos for that. You're an interesting songwriter, and the songs succesfully convey emotion. This is a talent which I belive is quite rare these days in airwaves saturated with squarepusher garbage. Quite frankly I hope you make millions of dollars. You deserve to, and moreover its my feeling that you will. cheers lj
  4. Generally most food production methods are fairly, shall we say, unromantic. I wouldn't let this discourage you. The fact that its made by Kraft (parent company is phillip-morris, perhaps the largest distributor of tabacco) should be reason for concern. They're a pretty far cry from corporations like colgate-palmolive/ procter & gamble, who regularly engage animal testing (generally offshore in places where virtually no animal rights legislation exists) but it is rumored that philip-morris test additives used in cigarettes on animals, thought I have never seen anything empirical that would verify this.
  5. Vegan/vegetarian diets all the rage in MMA? That's a bit of a stretch, I'd say. I can't see Jonny Bones or Anderson silva training on no-meat diets, let alone the heavyweights.
  6. Largely, I agree with the majority of this post--excluding this: 'But shoulders and triceps do a big part of the work, too, along with other muscles. When you do bench press with, say, 70kg, your triceps has to contract against that weight. It's a far better exercise than cable push downs with 25kg! So, after having worked the chest with bench press and incline bench press, you don't need to work the triceps with another 2 exercises that exclude the bigger pectoralis (chest muscle)! Why would you want to work the smaller muscle more?' I will venture to say that you will almost certainly not develop Good tris without some isolation set. Now, I'm not going to commit the cardinal sin of saying my methods of training are better than anybody elses. This is a fallacy; what works for one will not work for another, at the end of the day. However, I simply cannot imagine, uh, lets say what the cool kids are calling 'sleeve training' these days without a specific tri targeting excercise. Frankly I've never really been a huge fan of cable pulldowns for tris, I think skullcrushers are fantastic ( the proper sort, where you're on your back, not those standing ones which I believe are garbage and create a lot of potential for injury) as well as extensions. Also, if your form REALLY is the shizzle you won't be working out your tris from BP excercises at any hell of a rate anyway. Besides this, great post, especially concerning the change. I see people at the gym doing the same excercises month after month, and I want to slap them upside the head--it's pointless, due to memory. Thanks again, great post lj
  7. Hey blueduck. On the subject of vegemite, I should point that essentially vegemite is the sediment scraped off the bottom of depleted brewing kegs, in beer factories. I know that the most popular and largest beer supplier in my state (xxxx brand) sell their, er, dregs ( putrefied hops, grains etc) to be used in the production of Vegemite. I'd assume (kraft?) source it from other breweries as well. lj
  8. Amazing strength and an amazing achievement. Not something I'd aspire to (when I see guys this big my thought is always the same--'your poor heart') but you can't doubt the tenacity and commitment. Have to respect it.
  9. Ok, well I really can't see much of a problem with manboobs in any of those images. I'm not just being nice. Really. I can't. My immediate thought from looking at those pics was 'ok, you need to start lifting more weight'. By this, I mean reduce your reps, and go to lower reps at higher weight. You're actually quite lean. At this stage you should really be thinking about building mass, so supersetting/ powerlifting etc. Also, are you lifting until fail? I can't stress the importance of this enough. Lifting (without breaking form eg swinging etc) until fail is probably the single most important factor in training, IMO. Also are you interval training, or what? If not I'd look into this, I personally won't train any other way. Your set seems fine, but I'd ditch the crunches from it and if you must do crunches (over rated imo) then add these to your legs/lower body set. What really stands out for me is the lack of any real triceps excercises (are those triceps extensions you're doing?). Are you familiar with Skullcrushers? Fantastic tri excercise--they rock face, and they work. I prefer to do them with a bar and laying down personally (you need a spotter for this really).
  10. Heh. C'mon--I'll bet there's some nice places around logan...I hear there's a river...
  11. Legs are hard to build up--I'd venture to say the hardest of all. This is because of memory; they have so, so much of it, as you have used them since, well, forever... So basically in order to develop muscle, you have to really, really smash them. That's the truth of it, plain and simple. cheers luke
  12. I try to limit my consumption of other people's music these days, as I tend to fall in love with certain projects and find myself emulating in my own creative process. Any Artist (I cringe a little every time I use that term self-referentially) who puts blood and sweat into their Art knows the importance of thinking outside of cliche', and the familar. Anyway, here are some of my all-timers: Tool (Just embrass everybody, really...so much talent it makes me ashamed to even write music) Mars Volta GSYBE VAST The libertines worlds end girlfriend Live ( secret samadhi only) Fantomas, Lovage, anything Mike patton touches ( probably with a plastic tentacle) Virtually all blues Artists ( boz scagg, muddy waters, skip james) Something For kate explosions in the sky Slayerrrrrrr Tori amos Coldplay (parachutes only) Led Zeppelin (only for jimmy page, plant ruins a good thing IMO) The dresden dolls Kate bush Pantera anti-nowhere league Black flag Mogwai Mazzy star ( yeah I did it) Russian Circles Queens of the stoneage ( sometimes) Radiohead Smoky/ miracles Portishead Massive attack Melt banana The melvins soundgarden And more that deserve to be there, who at the minute elude me.
  13. Nothing to do with vegetarianism or veganism, but probably Mrs Dalloway (Virginia Woolf). With respect to temporality, I will say that this book is an absolute masterpiece. That, and generally everything Kurt Vonnegut ever wrote.
  14. Hey Renee. I just joined myself. I live in Brisvegas. Nice to see a fellow Aussie! cheers luke
  15. Hi Everyone, I've been vegetarian for a little over a year now. I enjoy the lifestyle, and take pride in the fact that I am not complicit in the unnecessary and frankly mengelean treatment of Animals in the production of Food/clothing and medicines/ cosmetics. I do not consume milk, some wines (which have been filtered using fish scales/eggs) and some toothpastes etc, but do not consider myself vegan insomuch as I will eat eggs which I purchase from a nice old lady local to myself who has names for each one of her chickens I consider myself fairly experienced with training, and in the past I have developed a formula through a process of trial and error, as I suppose we all do, to produce results. The thing is, I haven't trained with any real seriousness since becoming vegetarian, and having only ever trained on high meat diet, I'm not sure about, well, a lot of things really, on the eve of returning back to a regular workout program. Looking forward to some Q&A. Really happy to have found this site. It's nice to know that there are people with the same values out there. Solidarity! Oh, My name is Luke, BTW. I'm 26, Australian, and a sociology/policy student. I am also frightened of Turtles. Yes, really. It's called chelonaphobia apparently, and as far as fears go, I suppose its fairly absurd, but there you go. Cheers luke
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