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  1. Way too much fat in most restaurant food. I have cut almost all oils out of my diet and am feeling better than ever.
  2. Hello and welcome, from an old guy who still stops by once in a while.
  3. We had a relaxing adventure on Big Wheeling Creek a couple of summers ago. Planning to do it again this year. This section of the creek runs through a few miles of completely uninhabited area. No roads, no houses, no people. Surprisingly, nobody tubes, kayaks or canoes this area. Oh well, all for us! Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.88751442450.81761.553697450&l=1b6c63d4ae
  4. Nice mountain! Hiking in Russia sounds great, maybe someday.
  5. Thanks Lisa, it was just for fun. Intentionally jobless and homeless summer of '07, living out under the trees. My two youngest daughters don't remember it very well, hopefully we'll get to do it again.
  6. Thanks for this thread. Love the outdoors and hearing about your adventures. I'm not a mileage junkie or peak bagger. I'm more likely to take the shortest trail to a waterfall, cave, swimming hole, panoramic view or whatever else is interesting. Love to hike rivers and creeks, rock-hopping, wading and swimming rather than following a trail. As for hot showers and clean sheets, I'm fine without them. Have lived outdoors for months at a time and never showered, just dipped in some creek, river, lake or ocean every day. I'm just as likely to sleep on the ground under the stars as to bother with a tent. My favorite was in New Mexico a couple of summers ago, sleeping on the ground in a thunderstorm, dozing in and out catching glimpses of the amazing light show in the sky. The best part was that by the time I got out of my sleeping bag, almost everything was completely dry including me. Gotta love the desert! We're planning some hiking and camping in Shenandoah National Park this summer. It's the park in Virginia where I first started hiking and backpacking over 20 years ago. Can't wait to share it with my wife and kids.
  7. Bored with all the negative b.s. in the world, I popped in here looking for something positive. I found it! Thanks Yeti for your thoughtful and interesting post!
  8. That's cool, our Loving Hut is not cheap at all. It's the most expensive place we eat. They also charge for things you did not order, have to watch your bill carefully. I only use cash now too after they double charged our credit card.
  9. I never win drawings. Definitely go for the guarantee.
  10. Damn! I'm glad you understand that! I've been "nesting" like a frickin squirrel, trying to get the home ready for winter. The cold nights give me a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach. It rained most of the day Monday, was dark and gray out all day and I really felt it. I picked up my little white LED flashlight and shined it right in my eyes, instant endorphin rush. Holy crap, I really need one of those SAD lights!!! Good to hear you're staying sober! I'm still off the coffee and all caffeine, has been hard these past couple of weeks as I've been temping in an office where everyone is sucking down the coffee like it was oxygen!
  11. LL. have you ever met or heard of this guy? http://zerocurrency.blogspot.com/ He is based out of Utah, but spends a good bit of time in Portland as well. He has lived completely without money for 8 years.
  12. Loving New Mexico, spent a couple of weeks there this summer. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Phew, I was worried for a minute. Thought you were referring to my personal grooming habits!
  14. Damn Tom, that is deep. I'm really digging some of your insights.
  15. I agree with the author in that vegetarianism is not a "meaningful moral position". In and of itself, it is essentially a useless proposition. If you're going to eat the cheese, you may as well eat the calf who will be dying on your behalf. That said, advocating for vegetarianism is also useless. If you're going to be an activist, make it for veganism. That doesn't mean that people can't use vegetarianism as a stepping stone toward veganism. That is not only useful but desirable, if it helps someone to make the transition. As CollegeB stated "but there are approaches that meet people where they are at". That is the approach I took from day one when founding the Pittsburgh Vegan Meetup. We have had many many vegetarian members and even a few omnivores. It is always our policy to never discourage someone who is on the right path, but to encourage them along the way. People, especially those who are already making positive changes, respond much better to encouragement than being criticized for their current position. One very effective and easy way to encourage such people, is to feed them the best vegan foods available. Over the years we have had pizza parties, including a "meat lovers" pizza, gourmet cupcakes, philly cheese steaks, waffle parties etc. The vegan meat lovers pizza helped the husband of one of our vegan members along, over a few months he went from omnivore at every meal to eating vegan 90% of the time. So yeah, he's not a real vegan, but every vegan meal he eats saves a life. I'm in this for the animals, I'll take one near vegan over any vegetarian who gorges on eggs and dairy at every meal. And many vegetarians, I'd venture to say most, do just that. So never settle for vegetarian, keep pushing and pulling, even in very subtle ways to urge people toward veganism. Do be careful, it is just as easy to have them give up and go back to the very convenient omnivore. Same goes for the already converted, we'd be many millions stronger if everyone who has been a vegan stayed that way!!!
  16. Haha yeah, I haven't seen the pill have that affect either. Regardless of the physical aspects, there is a real mental/emotional boost when you're trying NOT to have children and can be reasonably assured that conception isn't going to happen.
  17. The Mirena IUD worked well for us for several years. They do release hormones, but at lower levels than the pill.
  18. You and Veganmama inspired me to quit caffeine. I was fighting a cold the first week, so didn't miss it that much. But after 10 days, I'm starting to miss my coffee. I start thinking that coffee is really good and gives a nice boost in the am. The health reasons, adrenal deficit, post buzz crash followed by overeating to try and compensate for the withdrawal etc. I know, it really is trivial compared to what you are doing, but it helps me to really appreciate your situation a little more. Thankfully, I can only imagine what it must be like with the more powerful and addictive substances you were dealing with. Keep up the fine work!
  19. I met a woman in New Mexico who had a nice goatee, but as far as I know she's not a member of this board.
  20. These pics are about 6 weeks old, I'll have to take some new pics. The beard is still growing, but I did trim the mustache as it was getting to be impossible to eat! http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b79/michaelhobson/DSCI0091-1.jpg http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b79/michaelhobson/DSCI0502-1.jpg
  21. Wow! Never seen a dead body, wish I could say that. Sorry to hear about your dad, hope you can get him all sorted out. I have been there many times with my mom, mostly mental health issues, but some physical too. It's really hard to have such a huge thing pop up randomly in the middle of an already busy and complicated life. You're strong, I'm sure you can handle whatever life throws at you. If it helps any, you inspired me, no coffee or any other caffeine since reading your post over a week ago!
  22. Paying people to keep dolphins captive and swim with tourists is just as wrong as Ringling Bros. Circus etc. It's right up there with the zoo.
  23. I don't think anyone expected an immediate end to the wars, at least no one sane. It's a bit more complicated than that. Are you suggesting a vote for McCain would have been a better choice for ending the war? Hardly, it would have just made the likelihood of more illegal wars much greater. Speaking of illegal wars, that's exactly what your son volunteered for, George Bush's illegal war. While I do feel for you, having your son in harms way, I don't have any sympathy AT ALL for him. He's getting exactly what he signed up for, and whatever the consequences of that may be.
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