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  1. Oh boy, coffee and adrenal debt. Looks like I need to read Thrive too!
  2. Richard, both Chrisjs and my posts were just general thread banter, both quite positive really. I don't think anyone would have intentionally deleted them.
  3. Heh, what a moron. I wouldn't worry too much about this guy though, he's not a real journalist at all. The Examiner will let anyone at all write articles. Sometimes this is a good thing, tons of great articles in the Vegan Examiner section http://www.examiner.com/x-4198-Vegan-Examiner
  4. Many commercial mushrooms are grown on wood chips and other media. Depends on the mushroom, your standard white button mushrooms are almost always grown in a manure compost. Shitakes are grown on logs.
  5. Just been living, working, schooling, working again, wandering doing hippie things. I mostly keep up with folks on Facebook these days.
  6. You did post this earlier, I read it and then it disappeared later, strange. Anyway, it's the most intelligent post in this thread. And now my response to Formicalinoleum has also disappeared. Admin hitting the delete button by mistake?
  7. No problem on the rant. I don't see veganism as something that I have to "stick with". Being vegan is just a part of me, has been for two decades. As for motivation, animals are sentient beings with their own lives to live, it's that simple. I eat very well, not lacking anything at all. I'm just an inch taller than you 6'4" but pack 244 pounds on to that frame. Being vegan is no magic weight control program! I have never known anyone to stick with veganism long-term for health or weight control reasons. Do some research, understand what motivates real vegans and then go for it.
  8. They aren't going to let you attend AA if you don't have coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Seriously though, one thing at a time mate, tackle caffeine when everything else is stable. It's awesome to see the positive changes you're making and even more awesome that you seem quite happy with those changes.
  9. You did post this earlier, I read it and then it disappeared later, strange. Anyway, it's the most intelligent post in this thread.
  10. Just a thought, but at 30 years old, there are hormonal differences that may cause fat to deposit in different places than it did when you were 20. This can also be affected by things like birth control pills etc. Like the previous posters mentioned, you look great, but that is really for you to decide. I'm sure some of the women here can give you advice on how to shape your body just about any way you want, at any age.
  11. Nutritional superiority has never been my reason for buying organic, mostly an environmental reason really. Then there are the conditions forced upon farm laborers, sometimes having herbicides and pesticides sprayed on them while working in the fields. Try telling them that there is no reason to buy organic! And anybody remember DDT? Agent Orange? Not to mention better tasting organic veggies, local organic farms, community supported agriculture...
  12. Howdy Loveliberate, wishing I was out there to help you out. Rob is right, the old dialogue here has definitely continued on to Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, here are a few rainbow pics for you. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=89547&id=553697450&l=aacc8b25a0 You don't have to sign up to look at them. Best of luck to you mate!
  13. Wow!!! Disturbing at the very least. Have always been suspicious, but that is more than I ever expected. I know it's a very long article, but I recommend reading EVERY word of it, including the two follow-up posts.
  14. Nice, I'm happy somebody took the time to thoroughly smash her! On a happier note, here are some real vegan children http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/realveganchildren
  15. The New York Times printed an even worse article a couple of years ago, titled "Death by Veganism". http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/21/opinion/21planck.html?_r=2
  16. Dave, I have heard the 4-10% numbers tossed around a lot. I think they are more in line with people who identify themselves as vegetarians, rather than people who actually are vegetarians. Personally, I know far too many fish eating "vegetarians". The Vegetarian Resource Group takes a different approach in their polls, asking people to identify specific categories of things such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs and honey, that they "never" eat. Their poll is conducted by a national polling company and like most similar polls, samples 1,000 random adults by phone. The latest numbers from the 2006 poll are: http://www.vrg.org/journal/vj2006issue4/vj2006issue4poll.htm I would like to know the method used for the vegetarian children poll, but judging by the VRG poll, the numbers sound plausible. That is, just judging by the people I know personally. I'm always disappointed by the vast majority of vegans raising their children as vegetarians, and vegetarians letting their kids eat whatever. Ugh!
  17. Tim Barry - http://www.myspace.com/timbarryrva
  18. Hm, the dates and location make this pretty intriguing. We're already planning to be in New Mexico the week of July 4th. For now it's a big fat MAYBE, but definitely now on the list of possibilities.
  19. Two suggestions: http://www.dancingrabbit.org/index.php - Dancing Rabbit is an eco-village in Missouri, mostly vegan, solar powered, homemade bio-diesel, composting toilets etc. No farm animals that I know of. http://www.acorncommunity.org/ - Mostly vegan last time I was there, organic seed business, acres of organic veggies, hot tub in the woods! A few chickens were the only animals when I was last there a few years ago.
  20. Don't understimate them DaN. Children, especially those who have a supportive and loving family, are quite capable of sticking up for themselves. Our six year old is the most outspoken vegan I know. And if your kids are anything like you, they'll argue till their last breath, even if they're wrong. (just kidding)
  21. Hm, well yes and no. My first inclination, since the word "marriage" seems to be so important to some folks, is to send the word back to the churches where it originated. People could then get "married" in the church of their choice without any involvement from the government. They could then if they choose commit to a civil union sanctioned and enforced by the state. But, this still doesn't solve your problem as many churches are more than happy to sanction a gay marriage. What about the religious freedoms of those who attend those churches? Having already taken the word marriage out of the governments hands and returned it to the churches, would we then limit which churches can use the word? I guess what confuses me most on this whole issue is that we are surrounded by married gay couples. Some are sanctioned by their state, some only by their church and some only by each other. I don't see that it has in any way affected anyone else's religious freedom or downgraded the status of marriage in general. The married gay couples I know have far outlasted straight me in years of marriage. Oh well, I guess my point is made, I'm not trying to convince you to change your views. Sorry to hijack this thread, I'm voting for Obama since Ron Paul dropped out. I could vote for the constitution party, but it would be a wasted vote in a critical state. McCain is just a continuation of Bush in my opinion and it's not unlikely that he'd die in office, Palin is just plain frightening!
  22. Dear Joe, I try not to feed the trolls, but I like your letter , so I'll make an exception. I don't know you, so I don't know if I really like you. I already have plenty of friends. The only shortcoming that I know you have is a lack of knowledge of history, I can overlook that for now. You're welcome, nothing like a good troll pic to liven things up. Love? Do you really love me Joe? I mean, I might be some random married homosexual. You don't know me. Feeder of the trolls, Michael PS Is it still gay marriage if it's between a man and a woman and one or both of them are gay? Maybe we need a questionaire and lie detector test before marriage.
  23. Really? Never seems to encompass a whole lot of time. Even pre-Christianity maybe Roman/Greek era? Maybe in 'non-western' traditions? Why don't you just come right out with it: "You don't like me" I can get over it. So, if someone disagrees with you, or as above, points out that your assumptions are just flat out wrong, then they "don't like you"? Are you actually interested in debating the issue, or just trolling? http://communitiesonline.homestead.com/files/troll_2.jpg
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